The Conductor's Departure

Release date: July 19th 2006
Label: Earache Records Ltd / Wicked World
Distribution: Import

Death Metal

Rating: 86/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: August 3rd 2006

Fourth album by Swedish Death Metal band Anata. This band was formed in Varberg, Sweden in 1993, but it’s my first encounter with them but it’s not going to be my last... that’s for sure. I have to check out their back catalogue because this new release is first class Technical Death Metal.

We get ten tracks filled with memorable riffs, melody and awesome drumming. Just take a listen to tracks like “Complete Demise” or “Better Grieved than Fooled”, the drumming is more than stunning with fantastic rhythms and the guitar riffs could very well have been written by the devil himself.

Or what about the title-track: “The Conductor’s Departure” - more than 8 minutes of everything I love about Death Metal: heavy as hell guitar riffs and melody. This track is guaranteed to make your head rattle!

Every time I throw this album in my CD-player I discover new things. This CD is very dynamic and offers a lot to the listener, its well compose and well played and the production is very good, a little different from most Death Metal releases. The sound is “warm” and it really suits the music fine. You can hear every instrument clearly and I really think you should run down to the local music store and check this album out if you are into Technical Death Metal with a progressive edge. Pure Metal for the pure Metal fan.  

Recommended killer tracks: See above.