Release date: February 17th 2006
Label: Nuclear Blast
VME (Denmark)
Folky Death Prog Metal

Rating: 85/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
February 25th 2006

My favourite Finnish metal band is back with a new singer and a killer of an album. I haven’t been this enthusiastic about an Amorphis release since 1996’s “Elegy” which to me stood out as a very special album and a perfect follow-up for the splendid “Tales of a Thousand Lakes” disc.  

The past two albums (“Am Universum” and “Far from the Sun”) from Amorphis have frankly not been the cream of the crop in my book, mainly because they mellowed out completely  - something that doesn’t suit this band at all.  

But, lo and behold, “Eclipse” saves the day. New voice Tomi Joutsen knows how to balance things and is up for the occasional growl, and that adds dimensions to Amorphis’ sound.

Third track, “Leave Scars”, is a prime example of the band’s ability to combine folk elements, melodic death metal, a good, clean voice and a brutal growl. Perfect. No more, no less. And there are several examples of this on the rest of the album. Also the mid-tempo death groover “Perkele (The God of Fire)” is a good example of Amorphis brutality, only with little hints of melodic interruption.  

With Tomi Joutsen, Amorphis have gained a strong card that could open new doors for them. He’s an obvious talent and compliments the beautiful yet powerful and multi-facetted music of the rest of the band perfectly.

I dig.

Note: The review copy of this CD contains either edited songs or voice-overs. Points will therefore be automatically deducted from the overall rating of the album.