Amon Amarth
With Oden on our Side

Release date: September 22nd 2006
Metal Blade
Distribution: Target (Denmark)

Viking Metal

Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Nadja Valcaccia
Date: September 29th 2006

AMON AMARTH have returned from the dark wilderness with “With Oden on our Side”, indulging in the satanically dark metal arts and a brush with Nordic mythology. Although their previous incarnation “Fate of Norns” had not been generally given an open birth by the public (I still enjoyed it), I had been very eager to learn what one of my favourite bands would be bringing to the world of metal in 2006.

Bearing a new studio (Fascination Street Studios) and a new Producer Jens Bogren, our Viking heroes attempt to storm the world of metal, and the more than manage to do so! Implacably. The mighty Swedes open up with “Valhall awaits me”, which stands tall against the greats, oh yes, Amon Amarth can swim with the sharks. Driving, with very strong riffing, Hegg’s usual powerful bellow, tremendous power and great melodies, everything fits on this one!

Big traditional influences by Swedish death metal can be found in “Asator”, especially in the riffing, highly attuned to Hegg’s vocals, poring with aggression at all the seams. An unusually slow melody can be heard in "Under the Northern Star", with an epic feeling to it, a set that still leaves the Amon Amarth trademark. Hegg’s gruff vocals diminishes the soft, slow pace, turning sweet into bitter as the song picks up pace into one heavy piece.

Sigh a relief then in the knowledge then have not turned into softies.

Amon Amarth have not lost their touch and will undoubtedly collect new fans, what couldn’t please before will surely now. Not giving up their talents Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg produce some heavy riffs, death march of drum beats from Fredrik Andersson together with Ted Lundström’s pumping bass into every dark soul. Then the loud roar of Johan Hegg’s to finish the line up of one of the finest death metal bands to date. Every Amon Amarth fan out there gear up for another ride.