Amaranthe – Maximalism

Ever since the release of their debut album in 2011 Swedish/Danish Melodic Death Metal troupe AMARANTHE have wowed audiences with their unique infusion of Techno Pop and Heavy Metal. They are set to release their fourth studio album ‘Maximalism’ later this month and after several listens it’s safe to say fans won’t be disappointed.

The beautiful thing about this particular group is that you could try playing a song of theirs onto a mainstream UK radio and the average listener a surprise; starting off with soft pop like melodies followed by aggressive growls will be sure to give audiences a shock. Opening track ‘Maximise’ demonstrates this perfectly and reminds the listener or fan why they became an admirer of the band in the first place.

This particular album seems to follow a similar path to their debut and their second ‘The Nexus’, their previous ‘Massive Addictive’ had a more industrial tone to it. The album takes tints from each of it’s predecessors to create an evolution of their sound which can be heard in this record. This particular direction has seen them produce some incredible belters that will be sure to go down well in larger venues and arenas. Tracks like ‘That Song’, ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Fireball’ are just some of the examples of what this album has to offer.

This particular mastering technique emphasises the harmonies between the vocal work between Jake E, Elize Ryd and Henrik England Wilhelmsson, which fans will recognise from the first the album that started the growth of their fanbase. You can hear this best in ‘Off The Rocks’ and ‘Boomerang’.

So overall this is a brilliant album that is sure to please longtime fans of the album.


01. Maximise

02. Boomerang

03. That Song

04. 21

05. On The Rocks

06. Limitless

07. Fury

08. Faster

09. Break Down & Cry

10. Supersonic

11. Fireball

12. Endlessly

Playing Time:  40:01

Release Date:  21st October 2016

Label:  Spinefarm Records

Website: Amaranthe Official Website

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