The Fallen Empire

Release date: March 24th 2006
Label: Metal Heaven
Provided by:
Germusica Promotion

Melodic Metal

Rating: 85/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 31st 2006

From Germusica Promotion I have received a radio promo single with Finnish Melodic Metal band ALTARIA… and the complete album. Let’s concentrate on the single first.

Valley of Rainbows” is a song taken from the brand new album called “THE FALLEN EMPIRE” and it’s a very typical ALTARIA track. This track is very melodic and could easily have been on “DIVINITY” (2004). The chorus is very memorable and ALTARIA could very well have a radio hit with this song.

So what about the complete album? – Don’t worry… if you’re into ALTARIA or well written Melodic Hard Rock and Metal I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with “THE FALLEN EMPIRE”.

This album is filled with very memorable guitar riffs and memorable choruses. Sound wise this album is a perfect mix between their first album “INVITATION” (2003) and their second release “DIVINITY” (2004).

Produced by Jonas Kjellgren (Steel Attack, Centinex, Carnal Forge) this album may not be ground breaking in any way but if you are a fan of catchy hooks and choruses I’m sure this release will satisfied your hunger for a memorable melody.

In spring 2006, ALTARIA will tour the whole of Europe as a support act to DORO and SONATA ARCTICA. Try to be there.

Killer tracks: Take your pick.