Almanac – Tsar

Almanac is the new band of ex Rage guitarist Victor Smolski. We also know him from Lingua Mortis Orchestra and on this album he combines both styles to one. Other musicians completing the band are:

Andy B. Frank (vocals), also known from Brainstorm.
David Readman (vocals), also known from Pink Cream 69.
Jeanette Marchewska (vocals), also known from LMO.
Enric Garcia (keys)
Michael Kolar (drums)
Armin Alic (bass)

Besides these artists, the Orchestra Barcelona Filharmonia is responsable for the orchestral parts. With Andy, David and Jeanette on vocals you are assured that the singing is great. As soon as Andy sings, I automatically have to think of Brainstorm, but that is no problem at all.

The songs are well written and arranged. Never the choirs and orchestral parts get too much in front to make it sound too floppy or cheesy. The backbone of the songs is firm power metal with enough tempo, a tight rhytmn section and some vituose guitarsolos. The most epic track is “No More Shadows”, with a fine intro and a nice role of the orchestra.

If you want a good marriage between classic orchestral parts and rather heavy power metal this album ‘Tsar’ is what you need. If you are interested in Russian history, you might also be interested in the lyrical concept. Victor shows that there is a life after Rage for him, job well done!



01. Tsar
02. Self-Blinded Eyes
03. Darkness
04. Hands Are Tied
05. Children Of the Future
06. No More Shadows
07. Nevermore
08. Reign Of Madness
09. Flames Of Hate

Playing time: 52:00

Release date: 18 March 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast


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