Pain is the Game

Release date: September 25th 2006
Scarlet Records

Provided by: BI Music
Heavy Rock

Rating: 67/100
Reviewed by:
Benny Skou
October 25th 2006

Despite the rather daft band name, this is actually a quite decent second release from the Italian/Danish heavy rock band. “Pain is the Game” features 11 diabolical rock’n’roll tracks without ever slowing down.

The sound mix is good, and the music is very straightforward. It kind of makes me think of a mixture of Anthrax (with John Bush on vocals) and Soundgarden.  

There is a great deal of good craftsmanship on the album, but an almost dogmatic approach to no originality at all: Everything is heard before, which makes the album strangely familiar right out of the box. On the downside, this unfortunately also means that the album loses its novelty value rather quickly. Furthermore the material gets a bit repetitive along the way, and all the tracks sound more or less the same, even after a while.  

On the mike we have Jacob Bredahl from Hatesphere. And that is apparently the only thing that is interesting about the band members, because neither the press material nor the band’s own website provide *any* information on the other band members, apart from their names and instruments (Stefano Longhi – drums, Massimo Gajer – guitar, Roberto Gelli – Bass).