Akira Kajiyama + Joe Lynn Turner
Fire Without Flame

Release date: May 26th 2006
Label: Metal Heaven
Provided by: Germusica Promotion

Hard Rock

Rating: 87/100
Cover artwork rating: 50/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 6th 2006

My expectations to this album with guitar wizard Akira Kajiyama and singer Joe Lynn Turner wasn’t very high but I was in for nice surprise. I threw it in my CD-player and already after 3 songs I was hooked.

We are talking first class hook laden, catchy Melodic Rock and Hard Rock with soaring choruses and excellent songs in the same vein as Rainbow and Deep Purple. Take a listen to catchy tracks like, “Fire Without Flame”, “One Day Away” or “Forever Changed” that is very, very close to the music Rainbow released on their album “Bent out of shape”, and you know what I Mean. Akira Kajiyama and Joe Lynn Turner can Rock Hard as well…

Out of the 11 tracks there is to be found on this great release 4 of them are Hard Rocking up tempo songs that is dripping with melodies and hooks straight from the hip.

Akira Kajiyama’s guitar playing is top notch and Joe Lynn Turner soar through each track with a classy, professional ease that is much missing these days, and it goes without saying the choruses are punchy and massive.

It’s hard to fault anything about this album. Honestly this is a complete joy to listen to so put on the headphones and rock on!