Akhenaten – Incantations Through the Gates of Irkalla

Why, oh, why, Thomas, are you writing about an album, which was released a year ago? Do you not have enough new albums to write about, is that it? And it is not as if this is Metallica or Iron Maiden, is it?

No, it’s not a release from a huge band, and it’s not as if we at the Power Of Metal.dk don’t have enough new music to dive into. We have plenty, trust me. And, yes, this was recorded over a year ago and released by the band, but the Russian label Satanath Records has found that the album is worthy of another shot.

I agree. The reason why I decided to spend a few lines on the US duo Akhenaten is very simple: They are on to something special and I like it. I think they deserve attention. It’s as simple as that.

The two musicians who make up Anthenaten are guitarist, drummer and bassist Jerred Houseman and singer Wyatt Houseman. The very informative email from the PR agency tells me that they are brothers.

What the two have put together isn’t at all perfect soundwise – but this could be the quality of the mp3 files I have received. It matters not.

It is obvious, to me at least, that the Housemans have understood the nature of the epic. They know how to make the big sound, how to let variation of tempo and solid heaviness build the majesty in music only classical and metal music are capable of. They intertwine Middle Eastern sounds with blackened death metal, and there are certainly killer grooves in this. This is not metal like everyone does it. This is interesting, it has mystery and darkness, it oozes of myth and legend, pyramids and hidden secrets.

Excellent stuff. Check it out!

1. Incantations Through the Gates of Irkalla
2. The Watchers
3. Enlil: Lugal Kurk Ur Ra
4. Ninurta: The Fall of Anzu
5. The Passage Through Flames
6. Brahma Astra
7. Anunnaki
8. Apkallu: Seven of the Abzu
9. Mis Pi
10. Golden Palace of the Lamassu
11. Abu Simbel
12. Anubis (Septic Flesh cover)

Playing time: 56:37

Release date: 21st of February, 2015/29th of December, 2015

Label: Satanath Records

Website: Akhenaten @facebook

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