Release date: October 9th 2006
InsideOut Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)

Melodic Prog Rock

Rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: September 27th 2006

Even though 3 years has passed since A.C.T blessed us with their last album "Last Epic" not much has changed in the A.C.T camp. They stay truthful to their energy-laden mixture of 70's inspired progressive rock (Supertramp), melodic rock, AOR and pop.

This is a solid album nothing more, nothing less - A.C.T fans need not to worry - this album picks up exactly, and I mean exactly, where the others left us. At times a bit too close to their previous albums - I do miss some progression in their songs. Often I find myself thinking; "Hey, that harmony/song structure/melody line sure sounds a lot like this or that"!

But they are still capable of writing catchy songs, awesome harmonies and great big choruses within their own little niche of progressive rock, and I think this album is worth checking out if you like your progressive rock with a lot of emphasis on melodies and harmonies. Best moments on the album is "Circumstances" another epic song in many parts with the subtitle: The Long One, just like "Personalities" on their debut album.

If you like I have enjoyed their first 3 albums a lot, and then I would suggest that you rush out to get this album on the day of its release...
Nice one.