Accuser – The Forlorn Divide

German band Accuser already started in 1986, after 7 full lengths it got a bit quiet till there was a new Accuser album in 2010 (they have been active under the name Scartribe for a while). Since then the band is rather active again with albums in 2011, 2013 and now this new one.

‘The Forlorn Divide’ is a good produced and well sounding piece of old school thrash. Melodic guitar pieces, a portion of aggression and superb tight and fast drumming. The original vicious vocals of Frank Thoms don’t make me think of any other thrash singer, which isn’t easy nowadays. One of my favorite tracks is “Tribulation”, it has some influences of Exodus (Tempo of the Damned) and due to the sing a long refrain it sounds very contagious. Especially the second half of the song sounds great. The best track they almost save for last. “Sulfur Rain” has all elements in it to make it the ultimate thrash song. Tempo, aggression, melody, brutality, heavy riffs, pounding drums, hyper-fast solos and …… you know what I mean.

Last month Exumer already showed how you need to play thrash the old school way. This month Accuser does exactly the same! I just reviewed the new Anger As Art album as well. I did both give them 8 devils, but I prefer the new Accused (84 points, Anger As Art 78). Below you can hear and see one of the tracks of the new album and I’m sure you will enjoy it.



01. Predawn
02. Lust For Vengeance
03. Unreal Perception
04. Arbitrary Law
05. Impending Doom
06. Tribulation
07. Perish By Oblivion
08. Fifth Column
09. Sulfur Rain
10. Flow Of Dying


Playing time: 46:00

Release date: 11 March 2016

Label: Metal Blade Records


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