A.C.O.D – II the Maelstrom

ACOD - II the Maelstrom
Do you know those songs where there are little pieces, moments, fragments, you can listen to over and over again? I do. Like that bit right after the Malleus Maleficarum intro moves into Antropomorphia on Pestilence’s ‘Malleus Maleficarum’? Or that instance when Sabbat go from the hectic, insisting part into the heavy, bass-laden bit where Martin Walkyier sings “Drugs and potions surge within me – slowly paralyze and kill me” in How Have the Mighty Fallen on the majestic ‘Dreamweaver’ album? Or even Arch Enemy’s My Apocalypse from the Doomsday Machine album, where they have that sonar sound going off. Magic moments.

I’m not saying that France’s A.C.O.D are neither, Pestilence, Sabbat nor Arch Enemy, but they do have something that is very close to one of those magic moments! The beginning of the first song of the album, Another Path, is just killer. And they do have a number of strong moments along the way as ‘II the Maelstrom’, the band’s third album, progresses.

Besides Another Path, it’s especially the songs Black Wings and Death Breath that impress.

There’s nothing new about A.C.O.D’s death metal, it’s just terribly convincing, both in terms of musicianship and sound. It’s powerful, raw and solid as a rock.

The only real surprise is the rock and roll inspired riffing of the song Unleash the Fools, which also features Shawter from Dagoba (who is responsibly for the production of the album) on vocals – and that could be the reason for the changed approach.

A mighty fine album for death metal freaks!

And a mighty fine video, mostly for the boys…


1. Another Path
2. Way of Death
3. Abuse Me
4. Ghost Memories (feat Björn ‘Speed’ Strid (nuclear blast))
5. Words of War
6. Black Wings
7. Rise
8. Cold
9. Death Breath
10. Unleash The Fools (Ft. Shawter From DAGOBA)
11. Fallen
12. Crimson
13. To The Maelstrom
Playing time: 52 minutes

Release date: 15th of September, 2015
Label: None
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