7 Days
The Weight of the World

Release date: August 10th 2006
Label: Rivel Records
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GerMusica Promotion
Melodic Epic Metal

Rating: 85/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 12th 2006

With a passion for more symphonic an epic hard rock/metal Markus felt that now was the time to release some of the songs he had written during 2003 and 2004. Daniel Flores (Drums), Thomas Vikström (Vocals) and Andreas Olsson (Bass) joined and the line up was complete.

Christian Rivel (Narnia, Divinefire) offered them a deal on his label Rivel Records and in august their debut album called “The Weight of the World” will see the light of day. Their debut album was produced by Markus Sigfridsson and mixed by Markus Sigfridsson and Göran Werner and mastered by PLEC at Criteria mastering.

The music on “The Weight of the World” is catchy and the guitars are heavy as hell. There is a symphonic and epic feeling in every track and the choruses are memorable without being sappy. I like the way the mix crunchy and heavy guitar riffs with the symphonic and epic edge…and the musicians are flashy, technical and impressive without going over the top.

I was a little disappointed with this album at first, but after numerous listens I like it a lot. It just needed 3 or 4 spins in my CD-player before it opened up to me. There are a few guests on this debut album; Caroline Sigfridsson (Vocals) on the song “Fall Again”, and Kasper Dahlqvist (known for his work in Dionysus, Treasure Land and Stormwind) who plays all keyboard solos on the album.

On “The Weight of the World” you will also find a heavy version of Swedish melodic doomers Veni Domine song “Wisdom Calls”. So, if you are into heavy melodic metal with a symphonic and epic edge, maybe you should do your self a favour and check this album out when it hit the stores?