From 2003 to 2014, unsigned bands were reviewed in a separate section on the site. This is no longer the case. This is an archive of the unsigned bands section.


Heuke, Demian – Treumal
Strangelet – First Bite
Grey Aura – Waerachtighe beschryvinghe van drie seylagien, ter werelt noyt soo vreemt ghehoort
Greensleeves – Inertial Frames
In the Presence of Wolves – Thalassas
Northern Oak – Of Roots and Flesh
Proud Peasant – Flight

Rubenstein, Jason – New Metal from Old Boxes
Laugh at the Fakes – Dethrone the Crown
Contrarian – Predestined
Rainburn – Canvas of Silence
Alithia – To the Edge of Time
Repulsor – Trapped in a Nightmare
Savage Machine – Through the Iron Forest
Guilty As Charged – Leap of Faith
Polyphia – Muse

Aeon Zen – Ephemera
Fire Garden – Sound of Majestic Colors
Omega Crom – Beyond Control

Epta7 – Eptasystem EP
Active Heed – Higher Dimensions
Distorted Harmony – Chain Reaction
Defying – Nexus Artificial

Never Awake – Underground
Destitution – Beware the Fury of the Patient Man
Inthered – Inthered
Screaming Beast – Blistering Lies [EP]
Hoth – Oathbreaker
The Silent Low – EP 2014
Psychotic Gardening – Hymnosis
Mach22 – Sweet Talk Intervention
Enraged – It’s Your Fear that Feeds Their Power
Souldrinker – Semper Fidelis II
Beneath – Antidote
Last Bastion – The Road to Redemption
Superdirt – Rock n Roll Train
Tungsten – The Reservoir
Aeons Confer – Symphonies of Saturnus
BlackWolf – The Hunt
Hatchery – Reincarnated EP
Mire – Inward/Outward

Cote d’Aver – Proboscis Strangulation
Hibernal – Replacements

Spellblast – Nineteen
Octopie – Octopie
Miller, Rick – Heart of Darkness
iamthemorning – Miscellany EP
Il Rumore Bianco – Mediocrazia


Another Destiny Project – Metodo Paranoico-Critico
The Committee – Holodomor
Deathquintet – Godwork
Killface – Feeding the Dead
Dystopia – Haat
Infanteria – Isolated Existence
Black Succubi – Eye of the Beholder
Involved – Revolving Maze
Big Time – Big Time (EP)
Echoes of Giants – At the End of Myself
Gwydion – Veteran
Arkham Witch – Hammerstorm
Alternine – 2.0
Big Guns – Down But Not Out
Bad Salad – Puzzled
Mahogany Head Grenade – Return to the Point of Departure
Caligula Jack – Panic in the Harbour
Transport Aerian – Bleeding
Memento Waltz – Division by Zero
Active Heed – Visions from Realities
Fughu – Human (The Facts)
The Twenty Committee – A Lifeblood Psalm
Dichotomy – Paradigms
Maid Myriad – Camera Eye
Cruzh – Hard to Get
Sage’s Recital – The Last Battle
Deception – Break the Silence
Solar Soma – So Much for Style
Midnight Moodswings and Seiswork – The Dopamine Recursive
Devoid – The Invasion
If These Trees Could Talk – Red Forest
Shit The Cow – Salt of the Earth
Conan’s First Date – The Devil is on the Loose
Hammer Persuasion – Necropsy of the Human Mind
Fughu – Human (The Tales)
Ysma – Vagrant
Carpadium – Belief in Question
Decembria – My Lonely Hell
Gilberto, Antonello – The Mansion of Lost Souls
Cosmograf – The Man Left in Space
Loathe – Lambs to the Slaughter
Hibernal – The Machine
Deep in Thought – Verses
Souldrinker – Semper Fidelis
Projected Twin – Earth vs. World
Fall Of Pantheon – The Shadow Envelops All
Bader Nana – Anthology
Wastefall – Merediem EP
Repolsion – The Resting Place of Illusion
Amaze Knight – The Key
Pedersen, Roger – More is More
Pantheon – Intervention
Blacklands – A New Dawn
The Deadstation. – Like Peering Into the Deepest Ocean Abyss
Derdian – Limbo
Loud ‘n’ Clear – Playing with Thunder
Tales of the Old – The Passageway from Hell to Earth
Minutian – Repercussions
Concrete – Madness
Neokhrome – Perihelion
Anno Diaboli – Morbid Dreams
Hell’s Island – Black Painted Circle
Lyonite – Disguised in Darkness
Defaced – On the Frontline
Hyperial – Industry
The Pandemonium – Tyrannis
Vortech – Devoid of Life
Abstact Violence – Crossoverized


Tyrael – Der Wald is mein Zuhause
Fatum Aeternum – This Dream Is Dead
Clairvoyant – Curse of the Golden Skull
Lick – Mount Rock
Moridigan – Spawn of the Mind’s Abyss
Heidra – Sworn to Vengeance
Sentence – Everywhere
Shit the Cow – volume/cow
Haiduk – Spellbook
Warclouds – A Dsturbing Presence
Momentum – A World in Ruins
Holodomor – Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre
Farseer – Chthonic Visions
Solemn Statement – God Whispers
Insulter – Thrashing Hell
Mindreaper – Human Edge (…To the Abyss)
State of Salazar – Lost My Way
Destination’s Calling – End of Time
Karybdis – From the Depths
Destitution – The Human Error
Gravety – Into the Grave
Devious – Wolfhagen
Rapid Dominance – Premonition EP
Woslom – Time To Rise
One Without – Numbers
Braveride – Rise of the Dragonrider
Phobos Corp – Felicity
Outliar – Provoked to Anger
Spit Rusty – Underwhelmed
Superdirt – Superdirt
Earth Burnt Black – Harrowing Catharsis
Domain of Dreams – Domain of Dreams
Another Destiny Project – Tell Me What You See…
Summoned Tide – The Bringer of the Tide
Ground Zero System – Counterculture
Lelahell – Al Intihar EP
Weiss, Adrian – Big Time
Metal Scent – Homemade
FeedForward – Upstream


Tuchulcha – Reflections of God
Engraved Disillusion – Embers of Existence
Panacea – The Dark Descent
Baldrs Draumar – Forefedres Fortellinger
Evadne – The Shortest Way
Power Beyond – Two Forces Opposed
Griffin L.O.G. – Breathe Into Me
Wraithmaze – Adagio in Self-Destruction
The Vision Ablaze – Nova
Slay The Shepherd – Rise of the Antagonist
Soulhealer – The Kings of Bullet Alley
Only the Dead… – Respect the Living
Revolt – Rockstar
Project Masquesrade – Nothing but Everything Will Remain
Albino Bone Ritual – Reveal Thy Horrors
Amawak – Wolfthrasher
Plutonmium – Devilmentertainment Non-Stop
Trick Pistol – No Regrets
Summoned Tide – If We Fall We Will Rise
Satinoxide – Still the Sun
Arcite – We Lie Awake
Coldwar – Christus Deathshead
Empire Drowns – Empire Drowns
Elderdawn – Empty Words
Noctisdark – The Roots of Dreamers
Carved in Gold – Carved in Gold
Fat White Chiefs – Of Sins and Passion
Barbarian Prophecies – Remember the Fallen
Darklight Corporation – Pitchblack
State:Chaos – Chaos/Pain/Despair
utopian.hope.dystopian.nihilism – Pact with Solitude
Nitro – We Are Nitro
Quandary – Ready to Fail
Sintrade – One Life for a One Dead
Axiom – Truths Denied
Simulacrum – Promo 2010
For All We Know – For All We Know
Adamantra – Promo 2011
Campanella, Marco – Vertigo
Ghostfather – Now Boarding
Celtachor – In the Halls of our Ancient Fathers
Tears – Unravelling Travesties
Lyonite – Lyonite
Memento Nostri – Pro Patria
Hunted – Welcome the Dead
Ignition Code – I Upgraded
Aegror – De Morbis
Disintegrated – This Is Art
Grimlord – Dolce Vita Sath-anas
Memento Waltz – Antithesis of Time
Ironwood – Storm over Sea
Wolfp.a.c.k. – I
Valet Parn – Riddle Figure
Fallen Angel – Crawling Out of Hell
Titans Eve – The Divine Equal
Sickness Within – Contructed Hate
The Fallen Divine – The Eternal Past and Future
Satanic Syndrome – Ein Traut in Rot
Waterland – Virtual Time
Black Horizon – The Choice
Disintegrate – Parasites of a Shifting Future
Seventh Sin – Stranger Among Gods
Severed Fifth – Nightmares by Design
Wartime – Against Destiny
Nofuck – Existenzminimum
Lemuria – Chanson de la Croisade
Abyzz – Empusa
Killface – Faceless


Solity – Species 2.0

Pigskin – The Never Ending Black

Lebowski – Cinematic

Albino Bone Rituals – Witch Doctor Demo

Burden of Life – In the Wake of My Demise

Electric Hellride – Charged Biolence – Melodic Thrashing Mayhem

Scenario II – Uniforms of Death

Mother of Sin – Absolution

Dimaeon – Exit Reality Nicht – Part 1 Catalepsy Sinks

Crematoria – Embodiment of Brutality

Wrath Attack – Wasted Tears – Memories of Things Unnecessary

Past the Fall – Realise

Violent Sun – Loneliness in Supremacy

Ghost – The Engraving

Evil’s Desire – Initium
Morgue Orgy – The River and I
Conan’s First Date – Effigies
Godslaved/Impactor – Thrashed (Split EP)
Shattered Hope – Absence
Lava Engine – In Limbo
El Camino – Satanik Magiik
Chambers – Old Love
Posthuman – Rise from Ruins (Kelley)
Demonic Empire – Bloed en As
From Nowhere – Agony
Neochrome- Downfall/Collapse Neochrome – Manifestation of the Forgotten Subconscious
Strands of Night – Damnation Posthuman – Rise from Ruins (Reinier)
a. Lostfield – Internal Affairs
Open Fire – Sipario Di Notte Vestito
Magion – Close to Eternity
Inferno – Infeccion Mundial
Shredding the Envelope – The Call of the Flame
Unbelief – Dread
Silent Descent – Duplicity
Methusalem – Unite and Conquer
Burning Shadows – Into the Primordial
Beyond Insanity – Beyond Insanity
Oddland – Away from the Watching Eye
Scum – Painful Illusion
Conorach – 42 Days/Patriots’ Song
Hatchery – Forced to Fight
Ekho – Among the Shadows of Erebus
Julien Damotte – Trapped
Netherbird – Covered in Darkness
Larcymae – The Hallowed Design
Artizan – Artizan Crosswind – Opposing Forces


Desdemon – The Awakening
Dark Veneris – My Inner Damnation
Black List – Do Not Try This at Home
Past the Fall – Execute
Harmanic – Forsaken Soil
Decayor – Recurring Times of Grief
Eternal Dream – The Seed of Naryll
Red Warlock – Sabrewolf
Toxik Society – Living Kufeso
Amigdala – Created by Evil
Izah – Finite Horizon/Crevice
WitHate – Billion Dollar Mouth
Aphyxion – Eradication of Fates
Dawn of Tears – Dark Chamber Litanies
Treatment – Slavery
Dynahead – Antigen
Soundstrike – Machiavelli’s Art
Ever Frost – The Awakening
Minuetum – Eternal Twilight
Ground of Ruin – Cloaked in Doctrine
Ignostic Reign – Demo
Warnipples – Gasoline Rock Motherfuckers
Godslave – Out of the Ashes

Grimlord – Blood Runneth Over


SevenGates – The Good and the Evil
Acropolis – The Aftermath
Scream Arena – House of Pain
Waterland – Waterland
Deathonate – Walk the Line
Blacksun – Rebirth
Temple of Blood – Overlord
Archaic Revival – Pagan Evolution
Auvernia – Toward’s Eternity
Psycostasia – Involution
Jemineye – Restless Hearts
Nuestros Derechos – Struggling with the Dark
Rampart – Warriors
Ice Vinland – Vinland Saga
Hokum – Pi
Alternine – Alternine
The Famous X – Deal with the Devil
Fomento – Either Ceasars or Nothing
Crysalid – Come Closer
Motorcity Brags – Ten Arrogant Tales
Geminy – The Hidden Door Wrath Attack – Bringing out the Thrash
Allguilty – Primary Color Solution
Astral Kingdom – The Astral Kingdom


Dimaeon – I, Mortal
XCentrik – Welcome to the War
Expendables – Run Baby Run
The Bombs of Enduring Freedom – The Bombs of Enduring Freedom
Almost Saint – …For and Against Everybody
Mechanical God Creation – …And the Battle becomes War
Descensus – Exploited Innocence
Elvenpath – Gateways
Altair – Two
Conchadors – Strange
Astral Kingdom – Into the Fire
Warnipples – Promo 2007
The Famous-X – Demo
Hammerheart – Dreamworks
Loadstar – Promo 2007
Chaosfear – One Step Behind Anger


Beltane – The Wheels of Sabbaths
Dawn of Demise – …Blood will Flow Tears – Emptiness
Project Morfeo – Dictomia
The Clan Destined – In the Big Ending
Ground Zero System – Newropa EP
Incendium – Crawling Quietly
Wizards’ Hymn – Wings of Time & The Call From the Unknown
The Burning – Every Knee shall Bow and every Tongue Confess
BuRniN’ Dolls – Promo 2006 Euphonic – Fate in Disguise
Angelcrypt – From Abyss to Glory
Valkyrie’s Cry – Black Knight
7 Seals – Mooncurse
Event Horizon X – Far acroos the Wasteland
Storm the Castle! – The Free of CHARGE! Demo
Stimulans – No Words
Legion – Shadow of the King
Kode – Closer to Home
StrangeLand – StrangeLand
Infearior – Two Faced World
Scars – The Nether Hell
Cast Away – Cast Away
Future is Tomorrow – The New Messiah


Incendium – When Daylight is Gone
Sabinas Rex – The Legacy of Saints
Skullshifter – Here In Hell
For Ruin – Shade
Die – Relentless Pain
Ynis Vitrin – A Dark Land Endagered Reign – Unborn Legacies
Melodic Meltdown –  The Missing Link
Overloaded – Hail the Kingdom
Pedestrians of Blue – The Second Monologue
Angtoria – Unofficial Demo 2004
Fuoco Fatuo – Tenebra’s Dream / Of Light and Dark
Exekrator – Promo 2005
Tears – Falling Certanity
Chain Collection – Fortcoming Addiction
Angrist – Hard Way


Volbeat – Beat The Meat