Reviews, June 2015

Atavismo – Desintegración
Burning Point – Burning Point
Cro-Mags – Near Death Experience
code – Live in the Netherlands
Cut Up – Forensic Nightmares
Deaf Dealer – Journey Into Fear
Dendera – Pillars Of Creation
Dew-Scented – Intermination
Drifting Sun – Trip the Life Fantastic
Encyrcle – Encyrcle
Epsilon – Zu Richten
Grey Season – Invidia
Helloween – My God Given Right
Hollow Haze – Memories of an Ancient Time
Mandowar – Hellboys From Cow
M.H.X.’s Chronicles – Infinite Ocean
Nightmare World – In The Fullness of Time
Obese – Kali Yuga
Orpheus Blade – Wolf’s Cry
Parallel Minds – Headlong Disaster

Sunset In The 12th House – Mozaic
Tempel – The Moon Lit Our Path
The Long Escape – The Warning Signal
Thunder Rising – Sole Freedom
Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War
Vennart – The Demon Joke
Weedeater – Goliathan


Reviews, May 2015

An Handful of Dust – Map of Scars
Anatomy of I – Substratum
Arcturus – Arcturian
Armored Saint – Win Hands Down
Bloodlost – Evil Origins
Cain’s Offering – Stormcrow
Carthagods – Carthagods
Coal Chamber – Rivals
Crocell – Prophet’s Breath
Crystal Ball- Liferider
Dark Sarah – Behind The Black Veil
Domovoyd – Domovoyd
Elitania – Templos De Cristal
Entrails – Obliteration
Exxiles – Oblivion
Faceshift – All Crumbles Down

Feral – Where Dead Dream Dwell
George Kollias – Invictus
Harmony – Remembrance
Illogistical Resource Dept. – Transmission Cinema
Inner Sanctum – Knowledge At Hand: The Anthology
Kamelot – Haven
Khors – Cold
Leprous – The Congregation (Tommy)
Kjeld – Skym
Mistweaver – Nocturnal Bloodshed
Neck of the Woods – Neck of the Woods
Nekrogoblikon – Heavy Meta
Nemesis – Unleash the Beast
Orpheus Blade – Wolf’s Cry
Paradise Lost – The Plague Within
Psychomancer – Inject The Worms
Pyramaze – Disciples of the Sun
Riddle House – Nature Of The Story
Neal Schon – Vortex
Secrets Of The Sky – Pathway
Signum Regis – Through The Storm
Tom Slatter – Fit the Fourth
Supuration – Reveries…
TesseracT – Odyssey
The Great Discord – Duende
The Ugly – Decreation
Third Ion – 13/8 Bit
Unreal – The Raven
Valborg – Romantik
Yonder Realm – The Old Ways

Reviews, April 2015

Anal Vomit – Peste Negra, Muerte Negra
Annisokay – Enigmatic Smile
Apophys – Prime Incursion
At The Dawn – Land In Sight
Baldrs  Draumar – Aldgillissoan
Cave of Swimmers – Reflection
Dead Lucky – Sons Of Lazarus
Demonic Slaughter – Haunted
Dunderbeist – Hyklere (LyM)
Ereb Altor – Nattramn
Endless Pain – Cosa Nosta
Gift Giver – Shitlifte
Heights – Phantasia On The High Processions Of Sun, Moon And Countless Stars Above
Helfir – Still Bleeding
Impellitteri – Venom
Implode – I Of Everything
Kiske/Somerville – City Of Heroes
Khors – І Ніч схиляється до наших лиць
Kontinuum – Kyrr
Korpiklaani – Noita
Tony Mills – Over My Dead Body
Native Construct – Quiet World
Naveia – Ride the Beast
Område – Edari
Project Pain – Thrashed To Kill
Prong – Songs From The Black Hole
Radioactive – F4UR
Satan’s Wrath – Die Evil
Shawn James And The Shapeshifters – The Gospel According To Shawn James And The Shapeshifters
Sigh – Graveward
Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path
Sonus Mortis – War Prophecy
Soul Secret – 4
Stomb – The Grey
Stream Of Passion – A War Of Our Own
The Tangent – A Spark in the Aether
Thurisaz – The Pulse of Mourning
Ultra-Violence – Defect the Flow
Undead – False Prophecies
Unleashed – Dawn of the Nine


Reviews, March 2015

AlkaloidThe Malkuth Grimoire
Antagoniste – The Myth Of Mankind
Árstíðir Lífsins – Aldafǫðr ok munka dróttin
Barren Earth – On Lonely Towers
Black Sheep Wall – I’m Going to Kill Myself
Black Whiskey – Heavy Train
code – mut
Cvinger -The Enthronement Ov Diabolical Souls
Damnation Angels – The Valiant Fire

Defaced – Forging The Sanctuary
DrakkarRun With The Wolf

Dunderbeist – Hyklere
Dying Gorgeous Lies – First World Breakdown
Equinox – The Cry of Gaïa
Evil – Shoot The Messenger
The Gentle Storm – The Diary
Grumpynators – Wonderland
Steve Hackett – Wolflight
Heidevolk – Velua
jh – Morning Sun

Loch Vostok – From These Waters
Mabel Greer’s Toyshop – New Way of Life
Magic Kingdom – Savage Requiem
Morgoth – Ungod
Negură Bunget – Tău
Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful

No Return – Fearless Walk To Rise
Oceanwake – Sunless
Of Modern Architecture – Wilderness
Opium Lord – The Calendrical Cycle: Eye of Earth
Psycroptic – Psycroptic
Ranger – Where Evil Dwells
Reign of Fury – Death be thy Shepherd
Soilwork – Live in the Heart of Helsinki
Sorcerer – In The Shadows Of The Inverted Cross
Spellbound – Nothing But the Truth
Special Providence – Essence Of Change
Tygers of Pan Tang – Tygers Session: The First Wave

Welicoruss – Az Esm’

Reviews, February 2015

Ara  – Devourer of Worlds
Ashen Waves – Premonitions
AudioPlastik – In the Head of a Maniac
Beyond the Dust – Khepri

Below the Sun – Envoy
Bio-Cancer – Tormenting the Innocent
Booze Control – Heavy Metal
Broken Oath – A Different Way
Carach Angren – This Is No Fairytale
Cóndor – Duin

Crimson Wind – Last Poetry Line
Dark Flood – Inverno

Dead End – Forever is Not Eternal
Dead Samaritan – The Devil Tunes
Destiny – Time
Deus X Machina – X
Devil’s Train – II
Dream Grave – Presentiment
Dr. Living Dead! – Crush the Sublime Gods
Eclipse – Armageddonize

Enslaved – In Times
Escapetor – Fear
Evil Invaders – Pulses of Pleasure
Gaillion – Admit One
Ghost Iris – Anecdotes of Science & Soul
Issa – Crossfire
Johansson & Speckmann – Mask of Treacherous
Keep of Kalessin – Epistemology (Haydee)
Keep of Kalessin – Epistemology (LyM)
Lonely Robot – Please Come Home
Lynx – Caught in the Trap
Melechesh – Enki
Monsterworks – The Existential Codex
Moonspell – Extinct
Nightwish – Élan
Obscurity – Vintar

Oceans Ate Alaska – Lost Isles
Pandemia – At the Gates Of Nihilism
Prayed and Betrayed – The Abundance of a Sickened Mind
Revenge – Harder Than Steel
Revolution Saints – Revolution Saints
S.O.T.O. – Inside the Vertigo
Saturnalia Temple – To the Other
Scarab – Serpents of the Nile
Secret Rule – Transposed Emotions
Slug Comparison – Slug Comparison
Solefald – World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud

Sylvan – Home
The Agonist – Eye of Providence
The Answer – Raise a Little Hell
The Clan Destined – In the Big Ending…
The Neal Morse Band – The Grand Experiment
The Sanity Days – Evil Beyond Belief

THEO – The Game of Ouroboros
Torche – Restarter
Trojan Horse – World Turned Upside Down
Uriah Heep – Live at Koko

Voodoo Gods – Anticipation for Blood Leveled in Darkness
Whyzdom – Symphonies for a Hopeless God
Wind Rose – Wardens of the West Wind
Wolfpakk – Rise of the Animal
Zaiph – Zaiph

Reviews, January 2015

6:33 – Deadly Scenes
Angelus Apatrida – Hidden Evolution
Angra – Secret Garden
Antigone Project – Antigone Project
Aura – Noise

Battle Beast – Unholy Savior
Beardfish – +4626-Comfortzone
Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror
Burning Saviours – Unholy Tales from the North
By the Patient – Gehenna

Contradiction – The Origin of Violence
Crossnail – Sands of Time
Diablo Blvd – Follow the Deadlights
Echoes and Signals – V
Ethereal – Opus Aethereum

Finsterforst – Mach Dich Frei
Fortress Under Siege – Phoenix Rising
Game Over – For Humanity
In Legend – Stones at Goliath

Iron Lamb – Fool’s Gold
Insurrection – Catatonic
Jorn Lande & Trond Holter presents Dracula – Swing of Death
Lich King – Do-Over
Orden Ogan – Ravenhead
Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor
Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat
Level 10 – Chapter 1
Obsidian Key – LOUD!
Periphery – Juggernaut: Alpha
Periphery – Juggernaut: Omega
Quartz – Too Hot to Handle
Rothery, Steve – The Ghost of Pripyat
Satan’s Host – Pre-Dating God Part 1 & Part 2
Scanner – The Judgement
Serious Black – As Daylight Breaks
Shredhead – Death is Righteous
Simeon Soul Charger – A Trick of Light
Smith, Nathan Parker – Not Dark Yet
Sofisticator – Death by Zapping
Somapala, Chitral “Chity” – Sinhabumi
Spiders & Snakes – Year of the Snake
Stormwitch – Season of the Witch
Stratovarius – Elements, Complete Edition
Subterranean Masquerade – The Great Bazaar
Sylosis – Dormant Heart (Reinier)
Sylosis – Dormant Heart (Rob)
The Crown – Death is not Dead
Thulcandra – Ascension Lost
Total Death – The Pound of Flesh
Biotoxic Warfare – Lobotomized
U.D.O. – Decadent
Venom – From the Very Depths