77 – Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll
Benedictum – Obey
BlackRat – Whiskey and Blasphemy
Bloodspot – By the Horns
Boston- Life, Love & Hope
Brain Dead – Menace from the Sickness
Denners Trickbag – Denners Trickbag
Final Depravity – Thrash is just the Beginning
Fit for an Autopsy – Hellbound

Hacktivist – EP
Harasai – Psychotic Kingdom
Human Fortress – Raided Land
Impending Doom – Death Will Reign
King Fear – Frostbite
Lucid Dreams – Lucid Dreams
Marillion – Sounds That Can’t Be Made (Special Edition)
Mastic Scum – CTRL
Meridian – Metallurgy
Mortillery – Origin of Extinction
Netherbird – The Ferocious Tides of Fate
Platz, Hans – Timestamps
Reflections – Exi(s)t

Royal Hunt – A Life to Die for
Saga – Spin It Again! Live in Munich
Silent Force – Rising from Ashes
State Urge – White Rock Experience
Stranger by Starlight – Chalk White Nights
The Black Noodle Project – Ghosts & Memories
Thought Chamber – Psykerion

Ultra-Violence – Privilege to Overcome
Violent Silence – A Broken Truce
Woslom – Evolustruction



Almah – Unfold
Anathema – Universal
Andi Deris and Bad Bankers – Million Dollar Haircuts On Ten Cent Heads
Angelica – Thrive
Angellore – Errances

Armory – Empyrean Realms
Artillery – Legions
Assignment – Inside of the Machine
Astrakhan – Restrospective

Beltez – Tod: Part 1
Caligula’s Horse – The Tide, the Thief & River’s End
Chronos Zero – A Prelude Into Emptiness
Crocell – Come Forth Plague
Crystal Ball – Dawnbreaker
Def Leppard – Viva! Hysteria

Dimaeon – Collapse of the Anthropocene
Down Among the Dead Men – Down Among the Dead Men
Dream Theater – Dream Theater
Dreams in the Witch House – Dreams in the Witch House: A Lovecraftian Rock Opera
Eat the Gun – Stripped to the Bone

Epica – Retrospect
Exivious – Liminal
Ford, Lita – The Bitch Is Back… Live
Generation Kill – We’re All Gonna Die
Grace Disgraced – Enthrallment Traced
GWAR – Battle Maximus
Helhorse – Oh Death
Hell – Curse & Chapter
Henry Fool – Men Singing
Iron Mask – Fifth Son of Winterdom

Kekal – Autonomy
Leaves’ Eyes – Symphonies of the Night
Nomad Son – The Darkening
Now Or Never – Now Or Never
Operadyse – Pandemonium
Pestilence – Obsidio

Potergeist – Swampires
Pro-Pain – The Final Revolution
Rhapsody of Fire – Dark Wings of Steel
Sacrificium – Prey for your Gods

Savatage – Streets (Narrated version)
Signum Regis – Exodus
Slegest – Løyndom
Soup – The Beauty of our Youth
SpiralArms – Freedom
Teeth of the Sea – Master
Terror Blade – Of Malice and Evil
Tides From Nebula – Eternal Movement
Toxic Smile – 7
Turisas – Turisas 2013
Vengeance – Piece of Cake
We Are Legend – Rise of the Legend



Altair – Lost Eden
Among Ruins – Bring Out Your Dead
Arlon – On the Edge
Avatarium – Avatarium
Ayreon – The Theory of Everything
Black Label Society – Unblackened

Black Spiders – This Savage Land
Black Trip – Goin’ Under
Blues Pills – Devil Man
Convulse – Evil Prevails
Cooper, Alice – Brutal Planet
Cooper, Alice – Dragontown
Crystal Palace – The System of Events
Dead Letter Circus – The Catalyst Fire
Death Angel – The Dreams Calls for Blood
Devariem – Planet Earth: Ground Zero
Devin Townsend Project – The Retinal Circus
Die Krupps – The Machinists of Joy
Eden’s Curse – Symphony of Sin
Hail of Bullets – III – The Rommel Chronicles
Hell’s Domain – Hell’s Domain
Hell – The Age of Nefarious (EP)
Idensity – Chronicles
Ihsahn – Das Seelenbrechen
Impera – Pieces of Eden
Insidead – Eleysis
Izegrim – Congress of the Insane
Kill Division – Destructive Force
Killer Bee – Evolutionary Children
Lifeforms – Multidimensional
Magenta – The Twenty-Seven Club
Monster Magnet – Last Patrol
Paradise Lost – Tragic Illusion 25
Pascual, Germán – A New Beginning
Place Vendome – Thunder in the Distance
Reds’Cool – Bad Story
Running Wild – Resilient
Secrets of the Sky – To Sail Black Waters
Sepultura – The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart
Seventh Key – I Will Survive
Shatner, William – Ponder the Mystery
Shatter Messiah – Hail the New Cross
Six Minute Century – Wasting Time
Starship Feat. Mickey Thomas – Loveless Fascination
Status Quo – The Frantic Four Reunion 2013
Stonecast – Heroikos
Stryper- No More Hell to Pay
Subsignal – Paraíso
Testament – Dark Roots of Thrash
The Mission – The Brightest Light
The Winery Dogs – The Winery Dogs
van Giersbergen, Anneke – Drive
Venrez – American Illusion
Walking Papers – Walking Papers
Warbringer – IV: Empires Collapse
Withem – The Point of You



A2Z – Parasites of Paradise
Ajuna – Prisoners of the Sun
Anima Mundi – The Lamplighter
Boil – aXiom

Coldspell – Frozen Paradise
Dark Design – Prey for the Future
Deals Death – Point Zero Solution
Degradead – The Monster Within
Edenbridge – The Bonding
El Camino – Gold of the Great Deceiver
Electric Guitars – Electric Guitars
Electro_Nomicon – Unleashing the Shadows
Evangelist – Doominicanes

Everlast – The Life Acoustic
Fates Warning – Darkness in a Different Light
Fright Pig – Out of the Barnyard
Glamour of the Kill – Savages
Godslave – In Hell
Hagar, Sammy – Sammy Hagar & Friends
Harem Scarem – Mood Swings II
HateSphere – Murderlust
Houston – II
Hybris – Heavy Machinery
In Solitude – Sister
Karnivool – Asymmetry
Kreator – Dying Alive
Master – The Witchhunt
Mattsson, Lars Eric – Epicentre
Messenger – Starwolf Part 1 – The Messengers
Midday Veil – The Current
Ministry – From Beer to Eternity
Mystic Prophecy – Kill Hammer
New Model Army – Between Dog and Wolf
Noumena – Death Walks With Me
Omb – Swinesong

Rainbow – Live In Munich 1977
Sabaton – Swedish Empire Live
Siren’s Cry – Scattered Horizons
Skunk Anansie – An Acoustic Skunk Anansie – Live In London

Stainless Steel – Metal Machine
Taberah – Necromancer
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Tales of Winter
Twilight of the Gods – Fire on the Mountain
Ugly Kid Joe – Stairway To Hell



Arc Angel – Harlequins of Light
Arven – Black is the Colour

Ashes of Ares – Ashes of Ares
Beck, Robin – Underneath
Beelzefuzz – Beelzefuzz
Born of Osiris – Tomorrow We Die Alive
Carcass – Surgical Steel
Children of Bodom – Halo of Blood
Chimaira – Crown of Phantoms
Deathening – Chained in Blood

Debauchery – Kings of Carnage
Deep Purple – Vincent Price
Degreed – We Don’t Belong
Divided Multitude – Feed On Your Misery
Earthen Grave – Earthen Grave
Exhumed – Necrocracy

Falling In Reverse – Fashionably Late
Find Me – Wings of Love
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Labyrinth
Frederiksen, Fergie – Any Given Moment
Gorguts – Colored Sands
Haken – The Mountain
Hollow Haze – Countdown to Revenge

Little River Band – Cuts Like a Diamond
Mavara – Season of Salvation

Mythery – The Awakening of the Beast
Nemrud – Ritual
Outshine – Prelude to Descent
Reinxeed – A New World
Revocation – Revocation
Soil – Whole
Talisman – Genesis (Deluxe Edition)
Tarja – Colours in the Dark
The Jokers – Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Alive
Trouble – The Distortion Field
Until Rain – Anthem to Creation
Uriah Heep – Live at the Rock of Ages Festival
Von Hertzen Brothers – Nine Lives
We Butter the Bread with Butter – Goldkinder

Witherscape – The Inheritance
Zebrahead – Call Your Friends



Adeia – Hourglass
Battlecross – War of Will
Bellas, George – Astral Projection
Black Oath – Ov Qliphoth and Darkness
Bloodwork – Zero
Christian, James – Lay It All On Me
Death Mechanism – Twenty-First Century
Death SS – Resurrection
Duskmachine – Duskmachine
Facebreaker – Dedicated to the Flesh
Famous Underground – Famous Underground
Gallow’s Pole – And the Time Stood Still
Grandexit – The Dead Justifies the Means
Heart Attack – Stop Pretending
Hibria – Silent Revenge
Huntress – Starbound Beast
Illnath – 4 Shades of Me
Illusion Suite – The Iron Cemetery
Imminence – Return to Helios
Jidell, Marcus – Pictures from a Time Traveller
KingBathmat – Overcoming the Monster
Lawless – Rock Savage
Lingua Mortis Orchestra – LMO
Mangala Vallis – Microsolco

Maschine – Rubidium
Mercenary – Through Our Darkest Days
Oblivion Sun – The High Places
Osukaru – Triumphant
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals – Walk Through Exits Only
Powerwolf – Preachers of the Night
Stormzone – Three Kings
Submarine Silence – There’s Something Very Strange in Her Little Room
SupreMa – Traumatic Scenes
The Green Violinist – More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings
Torture Killer – Phobia



Abnormal Thought Patterns – Manipulation under Anesthesia
Adramelch – Lights from Oblivion
Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods
Angels of Babylon – Thundergod
Anton Johansson’s Galahad Suite – Galahad Suite
Arrayan Path – IV – Stigmata
Autopsy – The Headless Ritual
Black Bull – Rock All Night
Blackmore’s Night – Dancer and the Moon
Brutus – Behind the Mountains
Chasing Violets – Jade Heart
Cynthesis – ReEvolution
Cyril – Gone Through Years
Dagoba – Post Mortem Nihil Est

Dark Moor – Ars Musica
Death Dealer – War Master
Demon Lung – The Hundredth Name
Demotional – State in Denial
Ereb Altor – Fire Meets Ice
Fair Warning – Sundancer

Freedom Call – Ages of Light 1998 / 2013
Hate Force One – Wave of Destruction
Havok – Unnatural Selection

Infinita Symphonia – Infinita Symphonia
Ivanhoe – Systematrix

Jupiter Society – From Endangered to Extinct
King Kobra – II
Koldbrann – Vertigo
Manowar – Warriors of the World (10th Anniversary Remastered Edition)
Masterplan – Novum Initium
Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall
No Man Eyes – Hollow Man
Oliva – Raise the Curtain
Orphaned Land – All Is One
Overtures – Entering the Maze
Pat Travers Band – Can Do
Powerworld – Cybersteria

Queensrÿche – Queensrÿche
Rebellious Spirit – Gamble Shot
Rubashov, Martin – The Watcher of the Skies
Scorpion Child – Scorpion Child
Sirenia – Perils of the Deep Blue

The Burning Crows – Behind the Veil
The Last Warning – Progression
The Tangent – Le Sacre du Travail
Transplants – In a Warzone
Victorius – The Awakening

Vreid – Welcome Farewell
Weh – Folkloren
Whitesnake – Made in Britain / The World Record



A Cosmic Trail – II: Mistral
A Pale Horse Named Death – Lay My Soul to Waste
A Sickness Unto Death – Despair
Airbourne – Black Dog Barking
Anvil – Hope in Hell
Arlantica – Across the Seven Seas
Artizan – Ancestral Energy
Black Star Riders – All Hell Breaks Loose
Burning Rain – Burning Rain
Burning Rain – Epic Obsession
Burning Rain – Pleasure to Burn
Darkfall – Road to Redemption
Deep Purple – Now What?!

Delain – Interlude
Entrails – Raging Death
Giuntini Project – IV
Heaven Shall Burn – VETO
Hexvessel – Iron Marsh
Immolation – Kingdom of Conspiracy
In the Silence – A Fair Dream Gone Mad
Jex Thoth – Moon Blood Rise
Maegi – Skies Fall
Opposing Motion – Laws of Motion
Quest Of Aidance – Misanthropic Propaganda
Ritual Steel – Immortal
Rossdale, Gavin – Wanderlust
Sadako – Panic Transistor
Sound of Contact – Dimensionaut
Southern Cross – From Tragedy
Starkill – Fires of Life
Suidakra – Eternal Defiance
Swazafix – Anthem of Apostacy

The Dillenger Escape Plan – One of Us is the Killer
The Monolith Deathcult – Tetragrammation
The Poodles – Tour de Force
The Resistance – Scars
Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – The Land of New Hope
Tristania – Darkest White
U.D.O. – Steelhammer

V8 Wankers – Got Beer?
Vindictiv – Cage of Infinity
Vigilance – Queen of the Midnight Fire
Voodoo Highway – Showdown



Amorphis – Circle
Atrocity – Okkult
Beissert – Darkness: Devil: Death
Deep Purple – All the Time in the World
Device – Device
F.K.Ü. – 4 : Rise of the Mosh Mongers
F.T.W. Boogie Machine – Bull’s Eye
Flotsam & Jetsam – Ugly Noise
Gama Bomb – The Terror Tapes
Gamma Ray – Master of Confusion
Gloomball – The Distance
Johnson, Eric – Up Close – Another Look
Kaledon – Altor: The King’s Blacksmith
Kingcrow – In Crescendo
Kingdom Come – Outlier
Larceny – My Fall
Lord – Digital Lies
Memory Garden – Doomain

New Decive – New Device
Off With Their Heads – Home
Radiance – Undying Diabolyca
Redrum – Victims of Our Circumstances
Reign of the Architect – Rise
Resonance Room – Untouchable Failure
Saffire – From Ashes to Fire
Schysma – Imperfect Dichotomy
Sense vs Sanity – Out of the Void
Sodom – Epitome of Torture
Stonehawk – The Point of Few
Suicidal Tendencies – 13
The Intersphere – Hold On, Liberty!
Time Grid – Life
Tormented – Death Awaits
Tracer – El Pistolero

Vicious Rumors – Electric Punishment
Whitesnake – Made in Japan
Zombie Inc. – Homo Gusticus



Anthrax – Anthems
Avantasia – The Mystery Of time
Bach, Sebastian – ABachalypse Now
Big Big Train – English Electric, Part 2
Black Veil Brides – Wretched and Divine (The Story of the Wild Ones)
Cnoc An Tursa – The Giants of Auld
Damnations Hammer – Disciples of the Hex
De La Cruz – Street Level
Deathstorm – As Death Awakes
Eclectica – Lure of Ephemeral Beauty
Essence – Last Night of Solace
Finntroll – Blodsvept
FM – Rockville
Gloryhammer – Tales from the Kingdom of Fife
Hammered – The Beginning
Hatchet – Dawn of the End
Hypocrisy – End of Disclosure
Icons of Brutality – Between Glory and Despair
In-Graved – In-Graved
Jumping Jack – Trucks & Bones
Lost Society – Fast Loud Death
N.O.W – Bohemian Kingdom
Nachtgeschrei – Aus Schwärzester Nacht
Neaera – Ours is the Storm
Odd Dimension – The Last Embrace to Humanity
Old Funeral – Our Condolences 1988 – 1992
Pretty Maids – Motherland
Psychopunch – Smakk Valley
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – Regarde Les Hommes Tomber
Riversea – Out of an Ancient world
Rotting Christ – Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy
Sacred Mother Tongue – Out of the Darkness
Sapiency – Tomorrow
Semantic Saturation – Solipsistic
Serenity – War of Ages
Seventribe – Reborn
Shadows Past – Perfect Chapter
Six Feet Under – Unborn
Six Magics – Falling Angels
Snowfall – Cold Silence
Soilwork – The Living Infinite
Speaking to Stones – Elements
Spock’s Beard – Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep
Stala & So – Play Another Round
Stonelake – Monolith
Stryper – Second Coming
Sybreed – God is an Automaton
Talisman – Live in Japan
Visions of Atlantis – Ethera
Votum – Harvest Moon
Wilson, Steven – The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)
Wintersun – Time I



Airless – Changes
Alpha Tiger – Beneath the Surface
Bad Religion – True North
Casket – Undead Soil
Chrome Molly – Gunpowder Diplomacy
Circle II Circle – Seasons Will Fall
Coma – Don’t Set Your Dogs On Me
Damnation Angels – Bringer of Light
Dante – November Red
Deadlands – Evilution
Deep Purple – Live in Paris 1975
Diamond Dawn – Overdrive
Eternal Tears of Sorrow – Saivon Lapsi
Eyefear – The Inception of Darkness
Free Fall – Power & Volume
Freedom Call – Power & Glory
Hardcore Superstar – C’mon Take On Me
Hatebreed – The Divinity of Purpose
Heavatar – Opus I – All My Kingdoms
Heimdall – Aeneid
Helker – Somewhere in the Circle
Jolly – The Audio Guide to Happiness (Part 2)
Kamelot – Falling Like the Fahrenheit
Kongh – Sole Creation
Omnium Gatherum – Beyond
Pensées Nocturnes – Nome D’une Pipe!
Player – Too Many Reasons
Polluted Inheritance – Ecocide
Raven Black Night – Barbarian Winter
Red Rose – On the Cusp of Change
ShannoN – Circus of Lost Souls
Stratovarius – Nemesis
Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam
Supuration – Cube 3
Tellus Requiem – Invictus (The 11th Hour)
The Resistance – Rise From Treason
Tomahawk – Oddfellows
Voodoo Circle – More Than One Way Home
W.E.T – Rise Up
Wildside Riot – No Second Take



Acelsia – Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow
Aeon Zen – Enigma
Attic – The Invocation
Audrey Horne – Youngblood
Black Rose – Turn On the Night
Bourbon Boys – Shotguns, Trucks & Cattle
Clenched Fist – The Gift of Death
Crashdïet – The Savage Playground
Deathronic – Duality Chaos
Edge – Heaven Knows
Emergency Gate – You
Enforcer – Death By Fire
Envinya – Inner Silence
Eversin – Tears of the Face of God
Fatum Elisium – Homo Nihili
Giant X – I
Germ – Wish
Fire in Fairyland – For a Glimmer of Limelight
Golden Resurrection – One Voice for the Kingdom
Gorath – The Chronicles of Khiliasmos
Grai – About Our Native Land
Haiku Funeral – Nightmare Painting
Hatriot – Heroes of Origin
Holy Grail – Ride the Void
Izah/Fire Walk With Us – Split EP
Jorn – Symphonic
Lancer – Lancer
Lukather, Steve – Transition
Massdistraction – Follow the Rats
Masterstroke – Broken
Melencolia Estatica – Hël
Morbid Insulter – Funeral Mysticism
Nightfall – Cassiopeia
Pink Cream 69 – Ceremonial
Riverside – Shrine of New Generation Slaves
Rage of Angels – Dreamworld

Savage Annihilation – Cannibalisme, Hérésie et Autres Sauvageries
Shakra – Powerplay
Snakecharmer – Snakecharmer
Spit Rusty – Be the LO-FI Friend
Steel Horse – In the Storm
Stratovarius – Unbreakable

The Day of the Beast – Relentless Demonic Intrusion
Tracedawn – Arabian Nights
Vandroya – One