Airless – Fight
Arkona – Vozhrozhdenie
Arkona – Lepta
Arkona – Vo Slavu Velikim

Beardfish – Sleeping in Traffic: Part Two
Before the Dawn – Soundscape of Silence
Behemoth – Ezkaton
Bible of the Devil – Freedom Metal
Blake – Sa7urnus
Broadmoor – By the Water
Burden of Life – Ashes of Existence
Burst – Lazarus Bird
Casket – Upright Decay
Catamenia – VIII – The Time Unchained
Cheeno – The Next Step Will be the Hardest
China Blue – Twilight of Destiny
Closer – A Darker Kind of Salvation
Doro – Fear No Evil
Ecliptica – Impetus
Eli – Darkness Will Fall
Emergency Gate – Rewake
F5 – The Reckoning
Farther Paint – Lose Control
Frost – Expeiments in Mass Appeal
Holy Blood – The Patriot
New Eden – Stagnant Progression
Nocte Obducta – Sequenzen einer Wanderung
Orford, Martin – The Old Road
Pitiful Reign – Visual Violence
Places of Power – Now is the Hour
Reflection – When Shadows Fall
Reino Ermitano – Rituales Interiores
Shineth – Lost Magic Place
Simon Says – Tardigrade
Tall Stories – Skyscraper
Vengeance – Soul Collector



A Poetic Yesterday – A Little South of Zero
Another Life – Memories From Nowhere
Ayreon – Timeline
Azmaveth – Strong as Death
Chiraw – Dark Frequencies
Crisis Never Ends – Kill Or Cure
Cryonic Temple – Immortal
Deadlock – Manifesto
Elvenking – Two Tragedy Poets
Evocation – Dead Calm Chaos
Eyefear – The Unseen
False Icons – God Complex
Forcefeed – Forcefeed
Guillotine – Blood Money
Hellveto – Neoheresy
Jourgensen, Al – The Wicked Soundtrack by Al Jourgensen
Jupiter VI – Back From Mars
Kampfar – Heimgang
Karmakanic – Who’s the Bos in the Factory?
Lääz Rockit – Left for Dead
Legion of the Damned – Cult of the Dead
Lord Belial – The Black Curse
Nato – Kill the Fox to Foil the Plan
Obscure – On Formaldehyde
October Tide – Rain Without End
Orplid – Greifenherz
Paganizer – Carnage Junkie
Paragon – Screenslaves
Secret Sphere – Sweet Blood Theory
Six Feet Under – Death Rituals
Stigma – New York Blood
Tankard – Thirst
The Gathering – Downfall
Theocracy – Mirror of Souls
This Haven – Today a Whisper, Tomorrow a Storm
VII Gates – In Hoc Signo Vinces
V/A – Guitar Idol 2008
Van Canto – Hero
Virgin Steele – Life among the Ruins
Virgin Steele – The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Part 1)
Virgin Steele – The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Part 2)
Voodoo Circle – Voodoo Circle



Almah – Fragile Equality
Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thunder God
Architects – Ruin
Artas – The Healing
August Burns Red – Messengers
Battlelore – The Last Alliance
Bison B.C. – Quiet Earth
Black Anvil – Time Insults the Mind
Bloodbath – The Fathomless Mastery
Born from Pain – Survival
Burning Black – Prisoners of Steel
Cadaveric Crematorium – Grindpeace
Chrome Division – Booze, Broads and Beelzebub
Coerced into Battle – Enemy Mine
Coronatus – Porta Abscura
Cripper – Freak Inside
Crown of Thorns – Faith
Crucifix – Threnody of the Crucifix
Crystal Eyes – Chained
Darkane – Demonic Art
Dawn of Winter – The Peaceful Dead
Deliverance – River Disturbance
Devil’s Whorehouse – Werewolf
Disciple of Disarray – Soldiers Home
Earth Crisis – Breed the Killers

Eden’s Curse – The Second Coming
Exmortem – Funeral Phantoms
Exodus – Let There Be Blood
Flowing Tears – Thy Kingdom Gone
Gamma Ray – Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome
Gojira – The Way of All Flesh
Gorgoroth – True Norwegian Black Metal
Heathendom – Nescience
His Witness – Kingdom Come
Honeymoon Suite – Clifton Hill
Infernoise – Chainsaw’s Law
It Bites – The Tall Ships
Jamison, Jimi – Crossroads Moment
Kill the Client – Cleptocracy
Magica – Wolves & Witches
Maruta – In Narcosis
Mendeed – Shadows.War.Love – The Very Best of Mendeed
Mightiest – Bloodyssey 1994-2003
Mind Gone Blind – Liars and Preachers
Misery Index – Traitors
Morse, Neal – Lifeline
Neondaze – Neondaze
Night Ranger – Rockin’ Shibuya 2007
Nightshade – The Beginning of Eradication
One Man Army and the Undead Quartet – Grim Tales
Pig Destroyer – Natasha
Phobia – 22 Acts of Random Violence
Purgatory – Cultus Luciferi
Sacred Oath – … ‘Till Death Do Us Part
Shadowkeep – The Hourglass Effect
Shadrane – Temporal
Sharp Practise – Radiocity
Skelator – Time of the Sword Rulers
Stigma – Solitude 24/7
Supersuckers – Get it Together!
Tesla – Forever more
Tessmarka – Tessmarka
The Change – The Deer Moss Murders
The Oath – 4
This or the Apocalypse – Monuments
Thunder – Bang!
Thyrfing – Hels Vite
Trivium – Shogun
U.D.O. – Mastercutor Alive
Unearth – The March
Unitopia – The Garden



Abigail Williams – In the Shadows of a Thousand Suns
All Shall Perish – Awaken the Dreamers
Benediction – Killing Music
Bioscrape – Bioscrape
Catley, Bob – Immortal
Corpus Mortale – A New Species of Deviant
Decadence – 3rd Stage of Decay
Defenestration – For Us It Ends When We Drown
Deliverance – As Above – So Below
Destination’s Calling – Invisible Walls
Destruction – D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.
Dimension Zero – He Who Shall Not Bleed
Eclipse – Are You Ready To Rock
Evergrey – Torn
Hackneyed – Death Prevails
Harmony – Chapter II: Aftermath
Holy Martyr – Hellenic Warrior Spirit
Holy Moses – Agony of Death
Impiety – Dominator
Infernal Execrator – Antichrist Execration
Ivanhoe – Lifeline
Jesusmartyr – The Black Waters
Katra – Beast Within
Kivimetsän Druidi – Shadowheart
K[nine] – Dead Worlds Poetry
Krisiun – Southern Storms
Kypck – Cherno
Memory Garden – Carnage Carnival
Mendeed – From Shadows Came Darkness
Mendeed – Positive Metal Attitude
Metal Church – This Present Wasteland
Metallica – Death Magnetic
Motörhead – Motörizer
No Return – Manipulated Mind
North Side Kings – Suburban Royalty
Phantom Pain – The Hypocrite
Prey For Nothing – Violence Divine
Prostitute Disfigurement – Descendants of Depravity
Pure Inc. – Parasites and Worms
Randy Piper’s Animal – Virus
Ramos – Hugo – The Dream
Roth, Uli Jon – Under a Dark Sky
Seventh Wonder – Mercy Falls
Shock Troopers – Shock Troopers
Silent Call – Creations From a Chosen Path
Silentrain – Wrong Way to Salvation
Springfield, Rick – Venus in Overdrive
Sonic Syndicate – Love and Other Disasters
Sothis – De Oppresso Liber
Soundshok – The Bringers of Bloodshed
Suspyre – When Time Fades…
The Haunted – Versus
The Seventh Power – Dominion & Power
The Seventh Power – The Seventh Power
Time Has Come – White Fuzz
Titan Steele – The Force
Tomorrow’s Eve – Tales from Serpentia
Tragedian – Dreamscape
Turner, Joe Lynn – Live in Germany
UnSun – The End of Life
Venturia – Hybrid
Waltari – The Second Decade – In the Cradle
Weers, Oliver – Get Ready
X-Sinner – Fire it Up
Zonaria – The Cancer Empire



Agenda of Swine – Waves of Human Suffering
Agrypnie – Exit
Alice Cooper – Along Came a Spider
Anima – The Daily Grind
Black Flame – Imperium
Böwlrider – Big Röck Möuntain Highs
Celtic Legacy – Guardian of Eternity
Dantesco – Pagano
Descending – Enter Annihilation
Dignity – Project Destiny
Dominoe – The Story is Far From Told…
Driver – Sons of Thunder
Early Grave – Tomorrow I Am You
Emir Hot – Sevdah Metal
Ephrat – No One’s Words
Exmortus – In Hated’s Flame
Extreme – Saudades de Rock
Falchion – Chronicles of the Dead
Falconer – Among Beggars and Thieves
Fuck The Facts – Disgorge Mexico
Grave – Dominion VIII
Harmony – End of My Road
Helstar – The King of Hell
Homerun – Don’t Stop
Hughes, Glenn – First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
Iced Earth – The Crucible of Man (Something Wicked, Part 2)
Ignitor – Road of Bones
Into Eternity – The Incurable Tragedy
Last Mile – Last Mile
Magician – Tales of the Magician
Manifest Destiny – Your World Has Died
Miseration – Your Demons – Their Angels
Morning Rise – Five Ways To Illuminate Silence
Nachtmystium – Assassins
Nex – A Clockwork Heart
Nex – Nex
Omnium Gatherum – The Redshift
Open the Skies – Conspiracies
Pleasure Dome – For Your Personal Amusement
Ross the Boss – New Metal Leader
Scamp – Mirror Faced Mentality
Serenity – Fallen Sanctuary
Shannon – Angel in Disguise
Sinister – The Silent Howling
Sister Sin – Switchblade Serenades
Soundborne – Hallucinations
Space Eater – Merciful Angel
Squealer – The Circle Shuts
Starbreaker – Love’s Dying Wish
Sworn Amongst – And So It Begins
Those Who Bring The Torture – Tank Gasmask Ammo
Toxic Holocaust – An Overdose of Death…
Volbeat – Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
Zebrahead – Phoenix



Akphaezya – Anthology II
Appearance of Nothing – Wasted Time
Battleroar – To Death and Beyond…
Canvas Solaris – The Atomized Dream
Charing Cross – We Are… Charing Cross
Cog – Sharing Space
Dreamtide – Dream and Deliver
Ekotren – Light the Fire
Equilibrium – Sagas
Extreme – Star
Fear My Thoughts – Isolation
Fight – Into the Pit
From the Inside – Visions
Icarus Witch – Songs for the Lost
Ice Ages – Buried Silence
Idols Are Dead – Mean
Imagika – Feast for the Hated
Insidious – Digital Disdain
Jam Pain Society – Black Light Messiah
Journey – Revelation
Judas Priest – Nostradamus
Level-C – Level-C
Loomis, Jeff – Zero Order Phase
Many Things Untold – Atlantic
Merciless Death – Realm of Terror
Mötley Crüe – The Saints of Los Angeles
Netherbird – The Ghost Collector
No Quarter Given – The Embodiment Begins
Paganini – Medicine Man
Pharaoh – Be Gone
Planethard – Crashed on Planet Hard
Resurrection – Mistaken for Dead
Sieges Even – Playgrounds
Scar Symmetry – Holographic Universe
Symphonity – Voice from the Silence
The Rotted – Get Dead or Die Trying
Trigger the Bloodshed – Purgation
Various Artists – This Comp Kills Fascists



Aborted – Strychnine.213
Airbourne – Runnin’ Wild
Arkona – Ot Serdca K Nebu
Asian Typhoon – X.Y.Z. – A Wings
Amaseffer – Slaves for Life
Amberian Dawn – River of Tuoni
Belphegor – Bondage Goat Zombie
Bleed the Sky – Murder the Dance
Bride – Skin for Skin
Communic – Payment of Existence
Cult of Luna – Eternal Kingdom
Daylight Dies – Lost to the Living
Disturbed – Indestructible
Dustsucker – Diabolo Domination (MMVII)
Elevener – When Kaleidoscopes Collide
Elysia – Lion of Judas
Fairytale Abuse – Perversions of Angel VI
Frozen Rain – Frozen Rain
Gloria Morti – Eryx
Grave Robber – Be Afraid
Grenouer – Life Long Days
Hangar – The Reason for your Conviction
Harem Scarem – Hope
Hero Destroyed – Hero Destroyed
Hull, Scott – The Requiem
Jorn – Lonely are the Brave
Kaledon – A New Era Begins… (Chapter V)
Keep of Kalessin – Kolossus
Lacrimas Profundere – Songs for the Last View
Land of Tales – Land of Tales
Kiske, Michael – Past in Different Ways
Marcello – Vestry – Marcello – Vestry
Mattsson – Dream Child
Metalium – Incubus (Chapter Seven)
Midnite Club – Circus of Life
Moss – Sub Templum
One-Way Mirror – One-Way Mirror
Opeth – Watershed
Order of Nine – A Means to Know End
Overland – Break Away
Pilgrimz – Boar Riders
Polution – Overheated
Raunchy – Wasteland Discotheque
Revolution Renaissance – New Era
Sacred Dawn – Gears of the Machine
Sarasin A.D. – Daggers, Lust and Disgust
Siebenbürgen – Revelation VI
Silent Rage – Four Letter Word
Six Minutes Century – Time Capsules
Steel Attack – Carpe DiEnd
Tempestt – Bring’em On
Testament – The Formation of Damnation
Vader – XXV
Vescera, Michael – A Sign of Things to Come



Alliance – Road to Heaven
Altona – Altona
Asia – Phoenix
Bellas, George – Plantetary Alignment
Blooddawn – Metallic Warfare
Clusterhead – Times of No Trust
Coldworker – Rotting Paradise
Dark Sky – Empty Faces
Def Leppard – Songs from the Sparkle Lounge
Degradead – Til Death Do Us Part
Devlin, Dennis – Love is for the Other Guys
Divinity – Allegory
Dokken – Lightning Strikes Again
Epicurean – A Consequnce of Design
FeedForward – Barefoot & Naked
Final Axe – The Axe of the Apostles
Forever Slave – Tales for Bad Girls
Hail of Bullets – …Of Frost and War
Harris, Michael – Ego Decimation Profile
Hate Eternal – Fury & Flames
Hollenthon – Opus Magnum
King’s X – XV
Korpiklaani – Korven Kuningas
Leaded Fuel – Inhale and Get Pale
Machinemade God – Masked
Mennen – Planet Black
Mikkel Schack Band – …About to Destroy Something Beautiful
M.ILL.ION – Thrill of the Chase
Mourning Beloveth – A Disease for the Ages
Origin – Antithesis
Panzerchrist – Himmelfartskommando
Parracide/Incarnated/Rexamine – 3 Ways of a Brutality
Perzonal War – Bloodline
Pyramaze – Immortal
Rigoni, Alberto – Something Different
Rush – Snakes & Arrows Live
Sathanas – Crowned Internal
Sfogli, Marco – There’s Hope
Soul Doctor – That’s Live!
Stormlord – Mare Nostrum
Tankard – Best Case Scenario
Titanic – Full Steam Ahead
Týr – Land
Unleashed – Hammer Battelion
Voodoo Six – First Hit for Free
Vindictiv – Vindictiv
Wall of Sleep – …And Hell Followed With Him
When – You Are Silent
Whitesnake – Good To Be Bad
X-World/5 – New World Order
Zero Hour – Dark Deceiver
Zimmer’s Hole – When You Were Shouting at the Devil…



Arsis – We are the Nightmare
Bormann, Michael – Capture the Moment
Circle II Circle – Delusions of Grandeur
Dane, Warrel – Praises to the War Machine
Demians – Building an Empire
Dezperadoz – An Eye for an Eye
Edenbridge – MyEarthDream
Evoken – A Caress of the Void
Expedition Delta – Expedition Delta
Flesh – Worship of the Soul of Disgust
Fires of Babylon – Fires of Babylon
Ghost Circus – Across the Line
Gun Barrel – Outlaw Invasion
Hellish Crossfire – Slaves of the Burning Pentagram
Human Fortress – Eternal Empire
In Flames – A Sense of Purpose
Izegrim – Tribute to Totalitarianism
Jex Thoth – Jex Thoth
Kamelot – Ghost Opera (The Second Coming)
Lukather, Steve – Ever Changing Times
Machinery – The Passing
Midnattsol – Nordlys
Moonspell – Night Eternal
Mutala – Cloning Wicked Minds
Nasum – Doombringer
Nifelheim – Envoy of Lucifer
Ophis – Stream of Misery
Powderhog – Powderhog
Power Quest – Master of Illusion
President Evil – Hell in a Box
Shatter Messiah – God Burns Like Flesh
S.I.N. – The 13th Apostle
Sludge – Lava
Soul Secret – Flowing Portraits
Stormwarrior – Heading Northe
SubRosa – Strega
Textures – Silhouettes
Veni Domine – Tongues
Venomous Concept – Poisoned Apple
Voodoo Six – Faith
Whitecross – Nineteen Eighty Seven
Winter’s Verge – Eternal Damnation



Braindrill – Apocalyptic Feasting
Bullet for My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire
Burning Skies – Greed. Filth. Abuse. Corruption
Cataract – Cataract
Cavalera Conspiracy – Inflikted
Circular Logik – One
Death Angel – Killing Season
Debauchery – Continue to Kill
Dimension – Ego
Distrust – No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished
Dominici – O3 A Trilogy – Part 3
Dream Theater – Greatest Hit (…and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)
Dylath-Leen – Semeïon
Fight K5 – The War of Words ~ Demos
Firewind – The Premonition
Friedman, Marty – Exhibit A – Live in Europe
Ghengis Tron – Board Up the House
Gilbert, Paul – Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar
Heidevolk – Walhalla Wacht
House of Lords – Come to My Kingdom
Illdisposed – The Prestige
In Aeternum – Curse of Devastation
Incrave – Dead End
Incubator – LieBISSlieder
Jon Oliva’s Pain – Global Warning
King’s Call – No Alibi
Lich King – Necromantic Maelstrom
Malone, Sean – Cortlandt
Matos, Andre – Time to be Free
Mercenary – Architect of Lies
Project Creation – Dawn on Pyther
Rictus Grin – Resurrection
Royal Hunt – Collision Course… Paradox II
Seventh Avenue – Terium
Sideblast – Flight of the Moth
Soldiers of Scrape – Operation: Shifting Gears
The Scourger – Dark Invitation to Armageddon
The Tangent – Not as Good as the Book
White Lion – Return of the Pride



21 Lucifers – In the Name of…
Airey, Don – A Light in the Sky
Ancara – Beyond the Dark
Armory – The Dawn of Enlightenment
Avantasia – The Scarecrow
Avenger of Blood – Death Brigade
Beyond the Void – Gloom is a Trip for Two
Brainstorm – Downburst
Ceremony of Opposites – Death’s Dominion
Dark Fortress – Eidolon
Darklight – Light from the Dark
Dismember – Dismember
Emerald – Hymns To Steel
Exciter – Thrash, Speed, Burn
Fatal Smile – World Domination
Gob Squad – Watch the Cripple Dance
Godiva – Destruction
Gorgons Eyes – Inglorious Birth
Heaven Shall Burn – Iconoclast
Heart of Sun – Heart of Sun
Katagory V – Hymns of Dissention
Kryterium – Control
Leverage – Blind Fire
Magnum – Wings of Heaven Live
Main Line Riders – Shot in the Dark
Neverland – Reversing Time
Norther – N
Overdrive – Let the Metal do the Talking
Palace Terrace – Flying Through Infinity
PowerWorld – PowerWorld
RPWL – The RPWL Experience
Satariel – Chifra
Sencirow – The Nightmare Within
Skeletonwitch – Beyond the Permafrost
Souljourners – Mind Control
Spice and the RJ Band – The Will
Suicide Silence – The Cleansing
Stigma – When Midnight Strikes!
StoneLake – Uncharted Souls
The Accursed – Seasons of the Scythe
Thorium – Feral Creation
Tourettes – Treason Songs
Ultimatum – Into the Pit
Vanmakt – Vredskapta Mörkersagor
Voyager – uniVers
Warbringer – War Without End



A Kid Hereafter in the Grinding Light – A Kid Hereafter…
Aleph – In Tenebra

Angel of Eden – The End of Never

As It Burns – Global Ruin
Bassinvaders – Hellbassbeaters
Benedictum – Seasons of Tragedy

Black Widow USA – Soldiers from Hell
Cast In Silence – First

Crown of Glory – A Deep Breath of Life
Dawn of Demise – Hate Takes Its Form
Elvenking – The Scythe
Experienced?!? – Social Disease

Facebreaker – Dead, Rotten and Hungry
Faceshift – Reconcile
Freevil – Freevil Burning

Grimmett, Steve – Personal Crisis
Kenos – The Craving

La-Ventura – A New Beginning
Lap of Time – Dualism
MCM – 1900: Hard Times
Meliah Rage – Death Valley Dream
Mevadio – Fresh Kill Daily

Moleskin – Generator
Mörglbl – Grötesk

Nightmare – Genetic Disorder

Pell, Axel Rudi – Diamonds Unlocked
Saint Deamon – In Shadows Lost from the Brave
Steel Seal – By the Power of Thunder

Suicidal Winds – Chaos Rising

The Street – The Divine Debauchery
Timelord – Regeneration
Viron – Ferrum Gravis