As We Fight – Midnight Tornado
Barcode – Ahead of the Game
Birdflesh – Mongo Musicale
Brand New Sin – Tequila
Burning Point – Burned Down the Enemy
Cruachan – The Morrigan’s Call
Demon – Time has come (The Best of Demon)
Diecast – Internal Revolution
Dogs ‘n’ Bones – Dirty Fuckin’ Loud
Divinefire – Into a New Dimension
Empyrium – A Retrospective…
Evanesce – Secure the Shadow
Fairyland – The Fall of an Empire
Grave Digger – Yesterday (EP)
Gurd – Bang!
Handful of Hate – Gruesome Splendour
Harem Scarem – Human Nature
Hartmann – Home
House of Lords – Live in the UK
Jorn – The Gathering / Unlocking the Past
Keagy, Kelly – I’m Alive
Mathias – The Blue Album
Metatrone – The Powerful Hand
Miseration – Your Demons – Their Angels
Roth, Uli Jon – The Best of
Satyrian – The Dark Gift EP
Space Odyssey – Tears of the Sun
Spock’s Beard – Spock’s Beard
Tarot – Crows Fly Black
The Distance – The Rise the Fall and Everything In Between
The Showdown – A Chorus of Obliteration
Therion – Gothic Kabbalah
Vader – Impressions in Blood


Angra – Aurora Consurgens
AOR – L.A. Consession

Arena – Ten Years On (1995 – 2005)

Backwash – Kick Ass

Bang Tango – From the Hip

Black Messiah – Of Myths and Legends

Blephegor – Pestapokalypse VI

Book of Reflections – Chapter II ~ Unfold the Future

Borknagar – Origin

Clonecircle – Superimposed

Contradiction – The Warchitect

Corin & Edman – Roc de Light

Cosmo – Alien

Da Vinci – Back in Business

Eisbrecher – Antikörper
Elis – Griefshire
Enforsaken – Sinner’s Intuition
Essence of Sorrow – Reflections of the Obscure
Faith and Fire – Accelerator

Final Frontier – Freelight

Harris, Michael – Orchestrate

Hearse – In These Veins
Hollow Haze – Hollow Haze

I – Between Two Worlds

Jungle Rot – War Zone
Kiss – Alive! 1975-2000
Kotzen – Into the Black

Lipid – Deliver us from Evil

Mangrove – Coming back to Live

My Dying Bride – A Line of Deathless Kings

Norma Jean – Redeemer
Nucleus Torn – Nihil

Old – Down with the Nails

Rain – Stronger

Royal Hunt – 2006

Shiva – The Curse of the Gift

Skid Row – Revolutions per Minute

Society1 – The Years of Spiritual Dissent

Solitude Aeturnus – Alone

Spawn of Possession – Noctambulant

Stanley, Paul – Live to Win

Styx – One with Everything

Suidakra – Caledonia

The Haunted – The Dead Eye
The Scouger – Blind Date with Violence

Twilight Ophera – Descension

Twin Method – The Volume of Self

Twisted into Form – Then Comes Affliction to Awaken the Dreamer

Zero Hour – Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond

Zion – Zion


3 Legged Dogg – Frozen Summer
All Shall Perish – The Price of Existance

Allhelluja – Pain is the Game

Axenstar – The Final Requiem

Beggar’s Bride – Boulevard of Broken Hearts

Briley, Martin – It comes in Waves

Cradle of Filth – Thornography

Dark at Dawn – Dark at Dawn

Dionysus – Fairytales and Reality

Ektomorf – Outcast

Evanescence – The Open Door

Falconer – Northwind

Ground Control – Insanity

Iron Maiden – A Matter of Life and Death

Kamelot – One Cold Winter’s Night

Kayser – Frame the World…Hang it on the Wall

Legen Beltza – Dimension of Pain

Lovechild – Soul Collector

Masi, Alex – Late Nights at Desert Rimrock

Mirror of Deception – Shards

Panzerchrist – Battalion Beast

Ray Wilson / Stiltskin – She

Redkey – Rage of Fire

Ruffians – Desert of Tears

Secrets of the Moon – Antithesis

Speaking to Stones – Speaking to Stones

The Order – Son of Armageddon

Thunder – Robert Johnson’s Tombstone

Tokyo Dragons – Come on Baby EP

Towers of London – Blood, Sweat & Towers

Trivium – The Crusade

UFO – The Monkey Puzzle

Unleashed – Midwinterblot

V.A. – Gigantour Live 2005

Wetton/Downes – Icon II ~ Rubicon

Winger – IV


A.C.T – Silence
Agro – Ritual 6

Amon Amarth – With Oden on our Side

Avalon – The Ritchie Zito Project

Bolin, Tommy – Whips and Roses II

Circle II Circle – Burden of Truth

Dacia + The WMD – Dacia + The WMD

Deicide – The Stench of Redemption

Domain – Stardawn

Dream Theater – Score (20th Anniversary World Tour)

Dustsucker – Jack Knife Rendezvous

Edward Box – Moonfudge

Europe – Secret Society

Evergrace – Evergrace

Friedman, Marty – Loudspeaker

Gilbert, Paul – Get out of my Yard

HammerFall – Threshold

Highlord – Instant Madness

Into Eternity – The Scattering of Ashes

Joker Five Speed – Rock ‘n’ Roll is a Motherfucker

Kingdom Come – Ain’t Crying for the Moon

Kottak – Therupy

Krokus – Hellraiser

Lunatics without Skateboards Inc. – Welcome to the Asylum

Napalm Death – Smear Campaign

Pearcy, Stephen – Fueler

Reckless Tide – Helleraser

Rhapsody of Fire – Triumph or Agony

Riot – Army of One

Shark Island – Gathering of the Faithful

SpiRitual – Pulse

Sunstorm – Sunstorm

Sweet Cheater – Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’

Talisman – 7

Taz Taylor Band – Welcome to America

Tomorrow’s Eve – Mirror of Creation 2 ~ Genesis II

Tourettes Syndrome – Sicksense

Tourist – The Relevance of Motion

Vicious Rumors – Warball

Wuthering Heights – The Shadow Cabinet

Zeno – Runaway to the Gods


Anata – The Conductor’s Departure
Chrome Division – Doomsday Rock ‘n Roll

Fair Warning – Brother’s Keeper

Ferrigno, Marco – Hanging Gardens

GPS – Window to the Soul

Hackett, Steve – Wild Orchids

Heaven Shall Burn – Deaf to our Prayers

Hernando, Tony – THIII Live!

Halo of Shadows – Manifesto

Jon Oliva’s Pain – Maniacal Renderings

Kayser – The Good Citizen EP

L.A. Guns – Loud and Dangerous

Lunatica – The Edge of Infinity

Motörhead – Kiss of Death

Pell, Axel Rudi – Mystica

Poisonblack – Lust Stained Despair

Sabaton – Attero Dominatus

Saidian – Phoenix

Saracen – Vox in Excelso

Shooting Star – Circles

Slamer – Nowhere Land

Slayer – Christ Illusion (Joint effort)

Tabor, Ty – Rock Garden

Terrorizer – Darker Days Ahead

Toto – Bottom of your Soul

Waite, John – Downtown Journey of a Heart

Zyklon – Disintegrate


7 Days – The Weight of the World
Blind Guardian – A Twist in the Myth

Cellador – Enter Deception

CJSS – World gone Mad / Praise the Loud

Dreams of Damnation – Epic Tales of Vengeance

Electric Outlet – ON!

Evil Masquerade – Third Act

Fair Warning – Fair Warning

Fair Warning – Rainmaker

Firewind – Allegiance

Journey into the Fourth Dimension – “Same”

Grave – As Rapture Comes

Lacrimas Profundere – Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts

Lee Harvey and the Oswalds – Three Bullets in the Mainstream

Loureiro, Kiko – No Gravity

Manticora – The Black Circus, Part 1 – Letters

Mercenary – The Hours that Remain

Mind’s Eye – …Waiting for the Tide

Mortification – Erasing the Goblin

Nightwish – End of an Era

Palmqvist, Daniel – A Landscape made from Dreams

Ra’s Dawn – Scales of Judgement

Saralee – Darkness Between

Seventh Wonder – Waiting in the Wings

Sherinian, Derek – Blood of the Snake

Strapping Young Lad – The New Black

Stream of Passion – Live in the Real World

Ten – Return to Evermore

Ten – The Twilight Chronicles

Thunderbolt – Love & Destruction

Titanium Black – Bleed for you

Virgin Steele – Visions of Eden

Voivod – Katorz

Weltenbrand – The End of the Wizard

White Willow – Signal to Noise

Winters Bane – Redivivus


Adagio – Dominate
Andromeda – Chimera
Before the Dawn – The Ghost
Bloodflowerz – Dark Love Poem
Celtic Frost – Monotheist
Cloven Hoof – Eye of the Sun
Coldseed – Completion makes this Tragedy
Eidolon – The Parallel Otherworld
Hughes, Glenn – Music for the Divine
Inner Wish – Inner Strength
Leatherwolf – World Asylum
Mendeed – This War will Last Forever
Persuader – When Eden Burns
Pride of Lions – Live in Belgium
Prototype – Continuum
Saxon – The Eagle has Landed, Pt. III
Shadows Fall – Fallout from the War
Surveillance – Angelstation
The Prowlers – Devil’s Bridge
Ureas – The Naked Truth
Vertigo – 2
Wastefall – Self Exile
Wolverine – Still


Assailant – Nemesis Within Bludgeon – World Controlled
Bonfire – Double X
Cloudscape – Crimson Skies
Disarmonia Mundi – Mind Tricks
Edenbridge – The Grand Design
Eldritch – Headquake
Eldritch – Seeds of Rage
Englund, Thörbjorn – Influences
Enslaved – Ruun
From Behind – Game Over
Frost – Milliontown
Gotthard – Made in Switzerland (Live in Zürich)
Hauteville – Relief Data Incomplete
Heed – The Call
House of Mirrors – Desolation
Illdisposed – Burn Me Wicked
Ignite – Our Darkest Days
Kiske, Michael – Instant Clarity
Luca Turilli – The Infinite Wonders of Creation
Luca Turilli’s Dreamquest – Lost Horizons
Madder Mortem – Disiderata
Metal Church – A Light in the Dark
Michael Schenker Group – Takes of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Newman – Heaven Knows
Node – As God Kills
Novembre – Materia
Obscenity – Where Sinners Bleed
Paatos – Silence of Another Kind
Psycroptic – Symbols of Failure
Riverside – Voices in my Head
Sodom – Sodom
Sparta – Sparta
Street Talk – V
Sworn Enemy – The Beginning of the End
Threat Signal – Under Reprisal
The Traceelords – The Ali of Rock
Tool – 10,000 Days
Transilvanian Beat Club – Willkommen im Club
Vain, Davy – In from out of Nowhere
Vanishing Point – In Thought
Vengeance – Back in the Ring
Waltari – Blood Sample
West, John – Long Time… No Sing


A Triggering Myth – The Remedy of Abstraction
Akira Kajiyama + Joe Lynn Turner – Fire Without Flame
Anthenora – Soulgrinder
Aspire – Quest Eternal
Astral Doors – Astralism
Axenstar – The Inquisition
Barden, Gary John – The Agony and Xtasy
Berlyn – This One Bites
Beuatiful Sin – The Unexpected
Beyond Twilight – For the Love of Art and the Making
Bullet – Heading for the Top
Communic – Waves of Visual Decay
Da Vinci – Da Vinci
Deacon Street – II
Demon Pact – Demon Pact
Cannibal Corpse – Kill
Dezperadoz – The Legend and the Truth
Empire – The Raven Ride
Evolocity – Evolocity
Fatal Force – Fatal Force
Fate – V
Giuntini Project – III
House of Lords – World Upside Down
Iron Fire – Revenge
Kiske, Michael – Kiske
Lacuna Coil – Karmacode
Last Autumn’s Dream – Winter in Paradise
Loch Vostok – Destruction Time Again
Manitou – Deadlock
Marshall – Pages from the Past: Tome I
Ministry – Rio Grande Blood
Moonspell – Memorial
Mother’s Finest – Live at Villa Berg
Narnia – At Short Notice… Narnia …Live in Germany
Narnia – Enter the Gate
Necrodeath – 100% Hell
Queensrÿche – Operation: Mindcrime II
Relapsed – Into a Former State
Ruffians – There & Back
Saga – Trust
Screaming Shadows – In the Name of God
Seven Angels – Faceless Man
Sick of it all – Death to Tyrants
Soto, Jeff Scott – Essential Ballads
Sphere of Souls – From the Ashes…
Steel Attack – Diabolic Symphony
Subzero – The Suffering of Man
Survivor – Reach
Tankard – The Beauty and the Beer
The Flower Kings – Paradox Hotel
The Legion – Revocation
Time Requiem – Optical Illusion
Vanilla Rex – Parallel Worlds
Veni Domine – 23:59
Venturia – The New Kingdom
Warmachine – The beginning of the End


Alexa – Alexa
Anger as Art – Anger as Art
Anguish Force – 2: City of Ice
Apetrea, Coste – Rites of Passage
Atargatis – Wasteland
Ava Inferi – Burdens
Beyond Fear – Beyond Fear
Blue Tears – The Innocent Ones
Cronian – Terra
Crown of Glory – Spirit
Danko Jones – Sleep is the Enemy
Dark Illusion – Beyond the Shadows
Das Ich – Cabaret
Evergrey – Monday Morning Apocalypse
Frontline – Circles
Gorilla Monsoon – Damage King
Hokum – No Escape
Infliction – The Silencer
Katatonia – The Great Cold Distance
Liberty N’ Justice – Soundtrack of a Soul
Maroon – When Worlds Collide
Marquis de Sade – Marquis de Sade
Martin, Jeff – The Fool
My Darkest Hate – Combat Area
Nightmission – No Saints in Black
Oracle Sun – Deep Inside
OSI – Free
Peterik, Jim – Above the Storm
Pharaoh – The Longest Night
President Evil – Thrash N’ Roll Asshole Show
Rage – Speak of the Dead
Red Circuit – Trance State
Runic – Liar Flags
Satyrian – Eternitas
Scar Symmetry – Pitch Black Progress
Stormage – Balance of Power
Umphrey’s McGee – Safety in Numbers
Vanden Plas – Christ O
Zeelion – Steel Attack


Abandoned – Thrash Notes
Amorphis – Eclipse
Andre Andersen / Paul Laine / Dave Readman – Three
Arachnes – In Praise of Science
Ascension Theory – Answers
Bloodshot – Ultimate Hatred
Braindeadz – Hang’em Highschool
Catley, Bob – Spirit of Man
Degree Absolute – Degree Absolute
Doro – Warrior Soul
Elizium – Angel of Mistrust
Ensoph – Project X-Katon
Frequency – When Dream and Fate Collide
Furia – Kheros
Hate Profile – Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile
Iommi – Fused
Kataklysm – In the Arms of Devastation
Main Attraction – Keep on Coming Back…
Majesty – Hellforces
Mystic Circle – The Bloody Path of God
Mystic Prophecy – Savage Souls
Perry, Ian – Visions
Pump – Breakdown to Breakthrough
Pure Inc. – A New Day’s Dawn
Raunchy – Death Pop Romance
Revolting Cocks – Cocked and Loaded
Rhapsody – Live in Canada 2005 ~ The Dark Secret
Sabu – Heartbreak
Shadowman – Diffenrent Angles
Shining Star – Enter Eternity
Silent Voices – Building up the Apathy
Sora – Demented Honour
Stereoxyde – La Création de L’Homme – V2.0
Ten – The Essential Collection 1995-2005
The Gathering – Home
Theatre of Tragedy – Storm
Valentine – The Most Beautiful Pain
Venom – Metal Black
Warrant – Born Again
Widow – On Fire


Altaria – The Fallen Empire
Anoxia – Kept in Sin
Arthemis – Back from the Heat
Arsebreed – Munching the Rotten
Axxis – Paradise in Flames
Bloodbound – Nosferatu
Canvas Solaris – Penumbra Diffuse
Damien Thorne – Haunted Mind
Deathstars – Termination Bliss
Decapitated – Organic Hallucinosis
Delirious – Made for the Violent Age
DragonForce – Inhuman Rampage
Elvenking – The Winter Wake
Enevoldsen, Torben – Flying Solo
Fireball Ministry – Their Rock is not Our Rock
In Flames – Come Clarity
Imaginary – Long Lost Pride
James Byrd’s Atlantis Rising – Crimes of Virtuosity
Jorn – The Duke
Korpiklaani – Voice of Wilderness
Khymera – A New Promise
Lalu – Oniric Metal
Meisel, Hubi – Kailash
Operatika – Dreamworld
Phenomena – Psycho Fantasy
Platitude – Silence Speaks
Prayer – Wrong Address
Proto-Kaw – The Wait of Glory
Pyramaze – Legend of the Bone Carver
Section A – Parallel Lives
Shining Fury – Another Life
Sonic Syndicate – Eden Fire
Stride – Imagine
Tears of Anger – In the Shadows
The Berzerker – World of Lies
Turgon, Bruce – Outside Looking In
Vision Divine – The Perfect Machine
Waterclime – The Astral Factor