A Traitor like Judas – Nightmare Inc.
Age Of Nemesis – Psychogeist
Annihilator – Schizo Deluxe
Benedictum – Uncreation
Black Steel – Hellhammer
Bolt-Thrower – Those Once Loyal
Dimmu Borgir – Stormblåst (re-recorded version)
Down Factor – Murder the World
Dreamland – Future’s Calling
Edguy – Rocket Ride
Legion of the Damned – Malevolent Rapture
Mad Max – Night of White Rock
Metal Ostentation – Volume 4
One Man Army… – 21st Century Killing Machine
Pandaemonium – Return to Reality
Requiem – Government Denies Knowledge
Ricochet – Zarah ~ A Teartown Story
Sencirow – Perception of Fear
Speedy Gonzales – Electric Stalker
Svartsyn – Bloodline
System of a Down – Hypnotize
The Tangent – A Place in the Queue


Adramelch – Broken History
ALooP – Global Crisis
Custard – Wheels of Time
Dungeon – Resurrection
Flotsam and Jetsam – Dreams of Death
Galloglass – Heavenseeker
Gods of Thunder – A Norwegian Tribute to KISS
Gun Barrel – Bombard Your Soul
Martin, Tony – Scream
Place Vendôme – Place Vendôme
Rammstein – Rosenrot
Razorback – Criminal Justice
Seven Witches – Amped
Solefald – Red for Fire : An Icelandic Odyssey Part 1
Tramp’s White Lion – Rocking the USA
Volbeat – The Strenght/The Sound/The Songs


Allen / Lande – The Battle Arachnes – Primary Fear Arcturus – Sideshow Symphonies
Astral Doors – Raiders of the Ark
Avian – From the Depths of Time
Cathedral – The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Chain Collector – The Masquerade
Châlice – Shotgun Alley
Clawfinger – Hate Yourself With Style
Creozoth – Creozoth
Crystal Ball – TimeWalker
Darkane – Layers of Lies
Dawnrider – Fate is Calling (Pt. I)
DeadSoul Tribe – The Dead Word
Dew Scented – Issue VI
Divinefire – Glory Thy Name
Divinefire – Hero
Eisblut – Schlachtwerk
Exodus – Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Gorefest – La Muerte
Helloween – Keeper of the Seven Keys ~ The Legacy
Highland Glory – Forever Endeavour
Indukti – S.U.S.A.R.
Martiria – The Age of the Return
Morse, Neal – “?”
Natttefrost – Terrorist (Nekronaut Pt I)
Numbers from the Beast – An All-star Tribute to Iron Maiden
Pallas – The Dreams of Men
Perzonal War – When Times Turn Red
Primal Fear – Seven Seals
Prostitute Disfigurement – Left In Grisly Fashion
Requiem – Requiem Forever
Riverside – Second Life Syndrome
RPWL – Start the Fire (Live)
Ruins – Spun Forth as Dark Nets
Sauron – For a Dead Race
Seventh Wonder – Become
Skylark – Fairytales
Stolt, Roine – Wall Street Voodoo
Subway To Sally – Nord Nord Ost
The Storyteller – Underworld
Thy Majestie – Jeanne D’Arc
Wet Animal – Wet Animal
Yargos – To be or not to be
Zero Hour – A Fragile Mind


After Forever – Remagine
Asia – Archiva 1 & 2
Dickinson, Bruce – Tyranny of Souls
Excalion – Primal Exhale
Fear Factory – Transgression
Goddess of Desire – Awaken Pagan Gods
Griffin – Lifeforce
HateSphere – The Sickness Within
Hypocrisy – Virus
Iron Maiden – Death on the Road (Live)
King’s X – Ogre Tones
Loudness – Racing
Melodic Meltdown – Second Skin
Opeth – Ghost Reveries
Saga – The Chapters Live
Savage Circus – Dreamland Manor
Second Shadow – Line Up (Execution Style)
Shakra – Fall
Sieges Even – The Art of Navigating by the Stars
Silver – Gold
Sobygge, Michael – All 3 solo-albums
Spock’s Beard – Gluttons for Punishment
Stream of Passion – Embrace the Storm
Stryper – Reborn
Terror 2000 – Faster Disaster
U.D.O. – Mission No. X


Anubis Gate – A Perfect Forever
Audiovision – The Calling
Carptree – Man Made Machine
Casus Belli – In the Name of Rose
Cooper, Alice – Dirty Diamonds
Destruction – Inventor of Evil
Ewigkeit – Conspiritus
Gamma Ray – Majestic
Helloween – Mrs. God
Kick Axe – Rock the World
Kragens – Seed of Pain
Michele Luppi’s Heaven – Strive
Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutation
Pendragon – Believe
The String Cheese Incident – One Step Closer
Symphorce – Godspeed
Travers & Appice – Live at the House of Blues
Tribuzy – Execution
Wizard – Magic Circle


Black Majesty – Silent Company
Broke [n] Blue – The Waiting
Cornerstone – In Concert
Devildriver – The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand
EverEve – Tried & Failed
Gilbert, Paul – Space Ship One
Machine Men – Elegies
Nightvision – Nightvision
Obituary – Frozenin Time
Powergod – Long Live The Loud (That’s Metal Lesson II)
Stratovarius – Stratovarius
Totenmond – TonbergUrtod


Audioslave – Out Of Exile
Battlelore – Third Age Of The Sun

Bodin, Thomas – I AM

Cryonic Temple – In Thy Name

Dream Theater – Octavarium

Eciton – Oppressed

Evil Masquerade – Theatrical Madness

Ferro, Gianluca – Involution

Godiva – Call Me Under 666

Harem Scarem – Overload

Life Of Agony – Broken Valley

Manticora – Roots Of Eternity, Darkness With Tales To Tell, and
Hyperion (Re-releases)

Nevermore – This Godless Endeavor

Northern Light – Northern Light

Portnoy, Mike – Prime Cuts

Raintime – Tales Of Sadness

Rebellion – Sagas Of Iceland

Redemption – The Fullness Of Time

Return – Return

Royal Hunt – Paper Blood

System Of A Down – Mezmerize

Time Machine – Dungeons Of The Vatican

Timeless Miracle – Into The Enchanted Chamber


Candlemass – Candlemass
Circus Maximus – The 1st Chapter

Demons & Wizards – Touched By The Crimson King

Howe, Steve – Spectrum

Kaipa – Mindrevolutions

Lee Z – Shadowland

Maze Of Torment – Hammers Of Mayhem

Midnight – Sadaka

Morgana Lefay – Grand Materia

Napalm Death – The Code Is Red… Long Live The Code

Pagan’s Mind – Enigmatic : Calling

Presto Ballet – Peace Among The Ruins

Saxon – Lionheart

Shadow Gallery – Room V


Allen, Russell – Russell Allen’s Atomic Soul
At Vance – Chained

Catamenia – Winternight Tragedies

Cloudscape – Cloudscape

DragonForce – Sonic Firestorm

Dyve – Dust Of An Age

Edge Of Forever – Let The Demon Rock ‘n’ Roll

Falconer – Grime vs. Grandeur

Frost, Jack – Wannadie Songs

Heavenly – Dust To Dust

Jacob’s Dream – Drama of the Ages

Karelia – Raise

Levin, Tony – Prime Cuts

Magellan – Symphony for a Misanthrope

Miles, Jay – 9 Hours

Mind Gate – Spiral

Mortal Love – I Have Lost

Nevermore – Enemies Of Reality (2005)

Pantommind – Shade of Fate

Porcupine Tree – Deadwing

Powerwolf – Return In Bloodred
Refugee – Affairs in Babylon
Rock, Rob – Holy Hell

Running Wild – Rogues en Vogue

Secret Sphere – Heart & Anger

Starbreaker – Starbreaker

Thorne, Steve – Emotional Creatures : Part One

Unchained – Unchained

Zeno – Zenology II


Ayreon – The Final Experiment (2005)
Cryptic Wintermoon – Of Shadows … and The Dark Things You Fear

Conjuration / Full Moon Lycanthropy – Werewolf 7″

Dare – The Power of Nature (Live In Munich)

Darren Smith Band – Keep the Spirit Alive

Dungeon – One Step Beyond

Eternal Reign – Forbidden Path

Evergrey – A Night to Remember (Live)

Fate – Scratch’n Sniff

Freedom Call – The Circle of Life

HammerFall – Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowen, Unbroken

HateSphere – The Killing EP

LaBrie, James – Elements of Persuasion

Judas Priest – Angel of Retribution (The whole staff)

Novak – Forever Endeavour

Paradise Lost – Paradise Lost

Shaaman – Reason

Space Odyssey – The Astral Episode

Supreme Majesty – Elements of Creation

Twyster – Xplode


At War With Self – Torn Between Dimensions
Balance of Power – Heathenology

Beyond Twilight – Section X

Brainstorm – Liquid Monster

Circle II Circle – The Middle of Nowhere

Domain – Last Days of Utopia

Impelliterri – Pedal to the Metal

Ivanhoe – Walk in Mindfields

Kamelot – The Black Halo

Kino – Picture

Masterplan – Aeronautics

Necrophagist – Epitaph

novAct – Tales from the Soul

Platens – Between Two Horizons
Sandalinas – Living on the Edge
Scenes – Call Us at The Number You Provide!

Trail Of Tears – Free Fall into Fear

Umphrey’s McGee – Anchor Drops

WithoutEnding – WithoutEnding


Alogia – Secret Spheres of Art
Astral Doors – Evil is Forever

Ayreon – Actual Fantasy Revisited

Embalming Theatre – Hormones from the Dead

Embalming Theatre – Sweet Chainsaw Melodies

Evanescence – Anywhere but Home

Ghost Machinery – Haunting Remains

Grave Digger – The Last Supper

Kreator – Enemy of God

Lynch, George – Furious George

Nocturnal Rites – Lost in Time

RPWL – World Through My Eyes

Sabaton – Primo Victoria

Seven Wishes – Destination: Alive

Schuldiner, Chuck – Zero Tolenrance

Shy – Sunset And Vine

Skyclad – A Semblance of Normality

Spock’s Beard – Octane

Torturer – In Flames of Purification

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