Communic – Conspiracy In Mind
Darkseed – Ultimate Darkness
Elvira Madigan – Angelis Deamonae
Entombed – Unreal Estate
Firewind – Forged By Fire
Khali – Khali
Kingcrow – Insider
Lanfear – aNother gOlden rAge
Odyssea – Tears In Floods
Pell, Axel Rudi – The Ballads III
Visions Of Atlantis – Cast Away
Voyager – Element V
W.A.S.P. – The Neon God: Part 1 & 2
Zatsaz, Blezqi – The Tide Turns


A Perfect Circle – eMOTIVe
Angra – Temple Of Shadows
Chroma Key – Graveyard Mountain Home
DGM – Misplaced
Enchant – Live At Last
Fates Warning – FWX
Happy The Man – The Muse Awakens
Jon Oliva’s Pain – ‘Tage Mahal
King’s X – Live All Over The Place
Lunatica – Fables & Dreams
Magic Kingdom – Metallic Tragedy
Morse, Neal – One
Mystic Prophecy – Never Ending
Olympos Mons – Conquistador
Pagan’s Mind – Infinity Divine
Sherinian, Derek – Mythology
Silent Force – Worlds Apart
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – The Lost Christmas Eve
Twisted Sister – Still Hungry
Within Temptation – The Silent Force


 Alter Bridge – One Day Remains
Caffery, Chris – Faces / God Damn War
Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine
Division – Trinity
Domine – Emperor Of The Black Runes
Dream Theater – Live At Budokan
Edenbridge – Shine
Eisregen – Wundwasser
Europe – Start From The Dark
Eyefear – 9 Elements Of Inner Vision
Hatesphere – Ballet Of The Brute
Hypocrisy – The Arrival
Illdisposed – 1-800 Vindicator
Jag Panzer – Casting The Stones
Katagory V – A New Breed Of Rebellion
King Diamond – Deadly Lullabyes (Live)
Kotipelto – Coldness Louder Than The Dragon – Limb Compilation
Manticora – 8 Deadly Sins Mnemic – The Audio Injected Soul
Pain Of Salvation – Be
Pinnella, Michael – Enter By The Twelfth Gate
Rammstein – Reise, Reise
Rhapsody – Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II
Saga – Network
Seventh Avenue – Eternals
Storm Warrior – Nothern Rage
Stump, Joe – Speed Metal Messiah


Abydos – Abydos
Alteria – Divinity
Anti-Depressive Delivery – Feel Melt Release Escape
Axxis – Time Machine
Black Abyss – Angels Wear Black
Cornerstone – Once Upon Our Yesterdays
Dead Soul Tribe – The January Tree
Dio – Master Of The Moon
Hate Eternal – King Of All Kings
Magnum – Brand New Morning Megadeth – The System Has Failed
Metal Ostentation – Vol. III & Vol V (Compilation)
Moonlight Agony – Echoes Of A Nightmare
Persefone – Truth Inside The Shade
Riverside – Out Of Myself
Solitaire – Extremely Flammable
Sonata Arctica – Reckoning Night
Twilight – Legend
U.D.O. – Thunderball
UFO – You Are Here
White Willow – Storm Season


Blackfield – Blackfield
Cans – Beyond The Gates

Chastain – In An Outrage

Deicide – Scars Of The Crucifix

Eyes Of Shiva – Eyes Of Soul

Grand Illusion – Ordinary Just Won’t Do

Guardians Of Time – Machines Of Mental Design

Jag Panzer – Chain Of Command
Kataklysm – Serenity In Fire

Mercenary – 11 Dreams

Metal Church – The Weight Of The World

Ten – Return To Evermore

Threshold – Subsurface


Das Ich – Lava (Glut)
Eldritch – Portrait Of The Abyss Within

Evanescence – Fallen
Evergrey – The Inner Circle
Evil Masquerade – Welcome To The Show
Iron Savior – Battering Ram
Moonspell – The Antidote

Motörhead – Inferno
Nightwish – Once

Queensrÿche – The Art Of Live

Rising Faith – The Arrival

Rush – Feedback

Sacred Steel – Iron Blessings

Steel Prophet – Beware

Therion – Lemuria / Sirius B

Van Halen – The Best Of Both Worlds

January – June

Anubis Gate – Purification
Anthenora – The Last Command
Anvil – Back To Basics
Distant Thunder – Welcome The End
Doomshine – Thy Kingdom Come
Horizon – Worlds Apart
Knight Area – The Sun Also Rises
Ligeia – Gloria
Meduza – Upon The World
Memorized Dreams – Theater Of Life
My Darkest Hate – At War
Platitude – Nine
Prototype – Trinity
Pyramaze – Melancholy Beast
Razorback – Animal Anger
Requiem – Mask Of Damnation
San Dimas – San Dimas
Tamrah Aeryn – Typical Gurl
The Shitheadz – Dirty Pounding Gasoline
Time Machine – Reviviscence (Liber Secundus)
Vicious – Vile, Vicious & Victorious
VII Gates – Fire, Walk With Me
Wind Wraith – The Fortune Teller’s Gaze


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