PUNISHMENT 18 RECORDS is a project created thanx to the passion for Heavy Metal and for music in general, with the intent of supporting Metal and also its Italian scene with the professionality typical of the music business beyond the Alpes.

The idea to become an active part into the metal scene was born in 2005. Since September of that year, in fact we’ve started our itinerary, which we hope to be longlasting and above all satisfactory, as it is up to now.

We’re always screening between countless bands that dot the worldwide metal outline, we ain’t limited to our country scene.

What elements do a band have to have to become part of Punishment 18 Records roster?

Musically the band has to be technical and conquer us quite immediatly. We value live performances a lot. Livewise the band has to be very energetic and professional, always playing somewhere and band members have to be active. Besides band members have to be nice people, we don’t want to have to do with self-proclaimed jerk rockstars and neither zombies. We do have a human and most of the times friendly relationship with our bands and that’s what it’s more important for us. We all are metal brothers after all…

…and like the mourned Chuck Schuldiner said:


Tommy Sonne Skøtt
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I began my writing career in the year of 2012 due to my love for the metal community, and have since moved onto a second role as the Tech-Wiz of PoM - taking good care of our website. My favourite music genres are Progressive Metal in all its different shapes and Melodic Death Metal.