Prophecy [prof-uh-see]
The foretelling or prediction of what is to come.

At Prophecy Productions, we are defined by our long-term perspective, quality standards and the unifying element of Prophecy as a brand. 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Prophecy Productions and its debut release, Empyrium’s “A Wintersunset…“. In the decades since, the label has earned the respect of music fans and artists worldwide for its unmistakable identity and unwavering dedication to quality, consistency and the cultivation of community.
Formed in 1996, with the singular intent to release and promote exceptional and captivating left-of-center music, Prophecy is an artist-friendly record label. We work hand in hand with our family of artists to help realize their vision and provide exemplary physical products, of various formats, that fully complement their creative expression. When working with an artist, the cultivation of his or her own identity and the freedom of expression is of paramount importance to us. This manner of collaboration has allowed Prophecy artists to continually surprise and excite our team with captivating concepts, thought-provoking lyrics and stunning imagery.
Since 2015, everything that the label represents has been celebrated at the annual Prophecy Festival, a weekend-long concert and festival of the arts that takes place inside “Balver Höhle”, the biggest cultural cave in Europe.

Prophecy takes a long view. We value lasting relationships with our artists, because — to us — a forward-thinking perspective is vital in developing and breaking fresh ground.
Our loyal base of listeners and customers mirrors this notion, as well. Due to this synergy, Prophecy has established worldwide commitments that both inspire and encourage ourselves and our artists to continuously give our best.

Prophecy believes in substance. Special music deserves special production, layout and design which, in return, reflects our appreciation of the artist and musicians’ effort as more than a mere product. We release high-class recordings in quality editions, often exclusive and always out of the ordinary.

Prophecy endows strong company. Since 1996, the Prophecy family has expanded considerably. Today, fans gather to organize and assist at Prophecy Fest just as musicians frequently cooperate, tour together and share stages. In fostering this type of supportive, unified community, growth and learning are never-ending.

Prophecy Fest
First launched in 2015, Prophecy Fest is a now-annual event that takes place in Balver Höhle, a natural cave from the Old Stone Age located in Balve, Germany. In this exceptional environment, we spotlight both heralded and developing Prophecy artists, as well as groups that, while not on the label, are personal favorites of ours. Many artists celebrate their German, European or even world concert premiere at Prophecy Fest, while others perform special one-time-only sets just for the occasion. We designed Prophecy Fest as a type of “family meeting”, presented for friends and fans of our music and other like-minded persons, and, in doing so, have created an annual event that not only meets our own standards, it radiates an environment and atmosphere that we, ourselves would love to see at any time, on any stage.

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