Pitch Black Records is a metal label established by someone who first and foremost loves music; loves composing, performing, listening and most of all discovering new music and sharing it with others. This record label was created (and is run) out of pure love and passion and those two elements will always be reflected in each and every one of our releases.

Musically, the label is more focused on heavy / power metal releases but as we’re very open-minded when it comes to music other styles of kick-ass metal will definitely find a home here, all of them sharing one common thing – they contain a hell of a passion along with a decent dose of melody.

We are confident that our releases will never disappoint. One of our guiding principles after all makes it quite clear – don’t expect quantity from us, but you should most definitely expect quality!

“Music will never die, in whatever form it’s put out. This holds especially true for good, honest and passionate music that deserves to exist on a physical medium and even if there is only a handful of people out there that share the above view then that’s good enough to keep this label going.”
Phivos Papadopoulos
Pitch Black Records founder

Tommy Sonne Skøtt
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I began my writing career in the year of 2012 due to my love for the metal community, and have since moved onto a second role as the Tech-Wiz of PoM - taking good care of our website. My favourite music genres are Progressive Metal in all its different shapes and Melodic Death Metal.