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27th July 2018 Chris Galea

Name: Trollzorn Status: Record Label Address: SMP / Trollzorn Records, Postfach 400 264, 32400 Minden, Germany (EU). Homepage: Bands: 7th Abyss, Black Messiah, Celtachor, Cruachan, Fimbulthier, Gernotshagen, Heimdalls Wacht, Helfahrt, Ingrimm, Istapp   Melodic, Menhir Pagan, Obscurity, [Read »]


27th July 2018 Chris Galea

Name: ULTRAJE Status: Record Label & Magazine Homepage: Address: Ultraje Apartado 527 EC Ovar 3880 Ovar Portugal Telephone: (+351) 935366727

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Revalve Records

15th June 2018 Chris Galea

Founded: October 2010 (Italy) Current bands: Star Binary, New Horizons, Walls Of Babylon, La Bottega Del Tempo A Vapore, Afterlife Symphony, Kantica, Serenade, Avelon, Ravenscry and others.  

Unholy Anarchy Records

22nd April 2018 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Independent Record Label and Distro featuring underground and nonconformist music from across the spectrum of metal, punk, hardcore, and everything in between.