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Straight out of the streets of Paris, WOLFPACK joins the troops of BDHW Records and is preparing to strike hard with their new opus “Loathe”. Notable mostly for their stage efforts, WOLFPACK will prove with this album that they’re much more than a simple stage hardcore band, pushing their limits even farther. Richer in its composition, more diverse in its style and atmospheres, “Loathe” propels the band to new horizons without renouncing its solid foundations. Still armed with destructive moshparts and ruinous attitude, WOLFPACK refines its music, improves it, expands it and, to the traditional hardcore influences, adds more metal-inspired sounds influenced by GOJIRA, MACHINE HEAD or SLIPKNOT. With “Loathe”, they define their music more clearly in their own style, and prepare to confront the whole world.

Wolfpack broadens its horizons but stays faithful to its beatdown roots with influences ranging from NASTY in terms of potency, to HARM’S WAY for their heaviness, and with a renewed groove that brings BIOHAZARD to mind. Add to this a featuring with Cedric, singer from Paris very own HANGMAN’S CHAIR, and you get an idea of what Wolfpack is brewing. This new opus of the group is not afraid to offer more somber and sometimes even more ambient sounds, but stays true to the foundations that made them what they are today.

Wolfpack will, forcefully if necessary, impose itself as one of 2018’s more important bands. Wether you like it or not, “Loathe” is an album that will leave a mark.

“Loathe” will be release on 16th March. Pre-order your copy here: http://smarturl.it/wolfpack_bdhw

Pre-order your digital copy here: http://smarturl.it/wolfpack_digi

Check out a first audio track here: http://smarturl.it/spread_the_filth


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