WIDOW’S PEAK Confirm Western Canadian Festival Dates @ Decimate, Loud As Hell, Metallion


(L-R) Patricio Cereceda-Paulsen – Drums, Chris McCrimmon – Lead Guitar, Matt Yeomans – Vocals, Scott Cressman – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Mike Jones – Bass, Vocals

(Photo Credit:  Hazzard @Hazzardous Material)

Unleashing their debut EP “Graceless” this past April, Calgary’s WIDOW’S PEAK announce they will be assaulting some of Western Canada’s most intense metal festivals during the coming summer months where they will share the stage with likes of Ninjaspy, The Order of Chaos, Archspire, Fit For An Autopsy and Battlecross. The brutal technical death metal tyrants will first be annihilating their hometown fans in Calgary, AB at Decimate MetalFest on June 7th followed by the decibel breaking Loud As Hell hosted in Drumheller, AB on August 4th to then venture off to Northern British Columbia to perform at Metallion in Vanderhoof on August 10th.

The band comments:

“We’re excited to get out and spew filth across the west this summer at Metallion, Loud As Hell and Decimate! This is not only the inaugural year of Calgary’s own Decimate Metalfest, but it’s also our first time venturing to Drumheller and outside of Alberta. Looking forward to making lots of new friends so come get stinky with us and throw some sweaty hugs around!”

Festival Dates:

June 7 – Calgary, AB – Decimate MetalFest – Distrotion – info – w/ Citizen Rage, Ninjaspy, The Order of Chaos, FILTH, Insurrection and more!

Aug 4 – Drumheller, AB – Loud As Hell – Dinosaur Downs Stampede Grounds – info – w/ Fit For An Autopsy, Archspire, Into Eternity Ninjaspy and more!

Aug 10 – Vanderhoof, BC – Metallion – Brookside Resort – info w/ Battlecross, Aggression, Gladius Sky and more!

A full stream of WIDOW’S PEAK’s debut EP “Graceless” can be heard at the following links:

Youtube: https://youtu.be/RbG60mVCutk

Bandcamp: https://wpdm.bandcamp.com/album/graceless-ep

Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/y8erqngh

The band adds:

“Graceless” is a jagged and angular approach to technical death metal that fuses tales of perverse violence with the sounds of chaos. We set out to create something that’s brutal and overwhelming, but never loses sight of the underlying groove. We feel that this EP is exactly that: 20 minutes of bang-your-head, balls-to-the-wall madness that any fan of extreme metal will appreciate.”

While many metal bands find inspiration from supernatural sources, myths, and legends, WIDOW’S PEAK find influence from true life horror, from the depths of cruelty, terror and pain that man(un)kind so readily descends to. WIDOW’S PEAK is an aural catalogue of carnage, a metallic mausoleum of pain, a sonic symphony of suffering. Their music does not reach for the stars, but rather for the cold void that surrounds them, the darkness that lives in the soul of man. Make no mistake; WIDOW’S PEAK’s ferocity is the music of the spears, metal dripping with blood, bile and venom!


Track Listing:

1. Debt Collector (3:47)

2. CBT (3:47)

3. Overseer (2:02)

4. Headless (2:58)

5. Mother Misery (3:34)

6. Graceless (3:25)

EP Length: 19:35


Patricio Cereceda-Paulsen – Drums

Chris McCrimmon – Lead Guitar

Matt Yeomans – Vocals

Scott Cressman – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Mike Jones – Bass, Vocals

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