For the first time ever, COPENHELL hosts a special warm-up party before the festival this year, with NEUROSIS, MUSTASCH, L7 and TURNSTILE on the Pandæmonium stage and full-on party in the Biergarten tent with RED WARSZAWA!

At COPENHELL 2018, the audience will be able to extend the party with an extra day before the three full festival days: On Wednesday, June 20 the Pandæmonium Stage, the Biergarten tent and a part of the festival site are opened up to a blast of a warm-up party that gives people the chance to get into the right mood on the day before the festival. As a part of a general expansion of the festival site, the Pandæmonium stage and the surrounding area it have been upgraded to create the perfect setting for the great bands that will open the ball this year:

First and foremost, we are happy to welcome NEUROSIS to COPENHELL 2018! The tough-as-nails Oakland band has crushed audiences since the mid-eighties with their unique metal that is built on elements from crust, hardcore, punk, doom and avantgarde metal, and we are immensely proud to host them this year!

A part of the COPENHELL audience got the chance to experience MUSTASCH and their devil-may-care hard rock at COPENHELL Metal Cruise last year, and they will confirm that it was one of those parties that you just had to experience yourself. This year, the crazy Swedes will no doubt make the Pandæmonium stage rock as much as the boat to Oslo when Ralf Gyllenhammer & co. deliver their infectious, entertaining music.

The reunion with Donita Sparks and the other tough women from American L7 at COPENHELL 2018 will no doubt be a great trip down memory lane for many punk and rock fans. The band was reunited in 2014 after a long hiatus, and they have played heavy, efficient grunge and punk rock ever since.

The newer American band TURNSTILE plays groovy, hardcore punk rock with buzzsaw-style riffs and razor-sharp vocals. Rules are made to be broken, and concerts should first and foremost be a party for everyone present – expect an engaging performance from an unpredictable and energetic band.

The legendary Biergarten party will be kicked into motion by Denmark’s greatest metal band (if you ask them, that is…) RED WARSZAWA who will treat their audience with a completely unique cover concert! Experience the insane Danes’ interpretations of immortal classics in completely new ways – we guarantee a completely unforgettable experience for both hardcore fans of the band and those poor, unsuspecting souls who happen to wonder into the tent while this is happening …

A ticket for the warm-up day only costs 100 DKK in addition to the normal 3-day ticket for COPENHELL 2018. Those who have already purchased the latter and want to upgrade can do so by contacting Ticketmaster. A 1-day ticket for the warm-up day costs 380 DKK.

This year we have a special guest: The legendary Danish TV personality Jakob Stegelmann who taught us all about video games, roleplaying and comics over the last three decades in his TV show Troldspejlet. He will lead a 65-man symphony orchestra interpreting great soundtracks from movies, TV shows and video games that suit the COPENHELL universe.

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