WAINGRO’s Next Single ‘Merrin’ Off Upcoming Album ‘III’


WAINGRO is not just a crazy, terrible human for hire trying to make his life in L.A. as portrayed in the 1995 film Heat. It’s also the name of a crazy rock n’ roll band who are making their way through the Canadian music scene and beyond with the release of their upcoming third album “III” set to be released in the UK on vinyl and digitally worldwide via Sludgelord Records on August 15th along with its Canadian vinyl release on September 13th via No List Records.

Using the character from Mann’s movie as a jumping-off point, the Vancouver band imagines further scenarios of pre-Heat WAINGRO situations. Releasing their first single ‘Red Death’ this past June, and their second ‘Bay Area Cult’ in July, the trio is sharing their next track ‘Merrin’ in preview to the upcoming album “III”.

The band adds:

“A song that talks of a person who believes they’ve been conceived from blasphemy. A feel good tune to get you through your day.”

Teaming up with GhostCultMag.com, WAINGRO are premiering the single’s stream at the following link: http://www.ghostcultmag.com/exclusive-stream-waingro-merrin-sludgelord-records/

“III”, as suggested, is the third album from WAINGRO and has shown considerable growth from their previous releases “Mt. Hood” (2015) and Self-Titled (2014).

The band explains:

“The first album was kind of chaotic, the second one explored the stoner/doom side of things a bit more, and this new and third one is a mix of the two, but with a more grunge/noise element to it.”

Album pre-order links:

North America: https://waingro.bandcamp.com/album/iii
Europe: https://thesludgelord.bandcamp.com/album/iii

Album Teaser Video here.


Track Listing:

1. New Colony (3:30)
2. Red Death (3:03)
3. Bay Area Cult (3:15)
4. Third Veil (2:40)
5. Merrin (2:48)
6. Marked Cross (3:43)
7. Dead Calm (2:41)
8. The Upward Turn (3:17)
9. Pacino (1:53)
10. Monaco (3:29)
11. Greenwater Manifesto (4:59)
12. Cardinal (4:42)
Album Length: 40:06

For more info:

Sludgelords Records
No List Records


Fueled by a passion for stoner rock and punk; Brian Sepanzyk (guitars/vocals), Benjie Nesdoly (drums) and Nate Pennell (bass/backing vocals) took the heaviness of hardcore, the groove from stoner rock and then added subtle desert rock highlights to work on what would come to be known as Waingro.

The experienced musicians have honed their craft in several other bands over the years, but it wasn’t until they formed Waingro that Sepanzyk (guitar/vocals), Nesdoly (drums), and Nate Pennell (bass/backing vocals) were truly able to explore their talents in the abrasive desert rock band. While their earlier material can be considered stoner hardcore with releases Self Titled (2014) and Mt. Hood (2015); Waingro adds a grunge edge with their upcoming album “III due out August 15, 2019, its UK vinyl and worldwide digital release via Sludgelord Records and is Canadian vinyl release on September 13, 2019, via No List Records.

Not ones to be conventional, Waingro gives a glimpse into their writing process: “It usually starts with Sepanzyk coming up with some riffs, then going out to a cabin and locking ourselves away for 2-3 days while we BBQ and play Bocce.”

Bringing a ton of energy, while still remaining super tight, Waingro’s main lyrical concepts explore the character of the same name from the film Heat. Writing about situations from the character’s potential point of view complemented with visual landscapes for his possibilities, Waingro have played several festivals across Canada and with their latest album around the corner, will be looking to further their reach in the future.

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