OVERDRIVERS (Hard Rock) – Re-release of their album “Rockin Hell” out on June 1st !


OVERDRIVERS Re-release of their album “Rockin’Hell”Out on June 1st !


OVERDRIVERS were a band born in 2015, formed by two passionate rock’n’rollers, Adrien Desquirez and Anthony Clay, respectively rhythm guitarist/singer and lead guitarist. The evolution of the band is a long story… More than fifteen drummers and as many bassists before the right two guys were found. Sébastien Lorquet joined after two and a half years of furious research and took up the position as the official bassist of the band. And during the year, they meet Florian Morgano who now resides as the official drummer.After a few years of rehearsals in a garage, OVERDRIVERS played their first gig in June 2015. Since then they have shared the stage with renowned bands like Mass Hysteria, Sticky Boys, Nashville Pussy, Adam Bomb and Vulcain.

For the Overdrivers sound, the band love the simplicity of Australian rock, Gibson guitars plugged into Marshall amps and a set of bass and drum that steamrolls creating a pure rock’n’roll set.With a rhythm guitarist who plays just 5 chords and a bassist who can only play just ‘Mi’ or ‘La’, it’s hard to make any form of complicated music! After many gigs in land of the North and Belgium, the band entered into the recording studio to create their first album.

To ensure an album of high quality, the band researched a great place that catered for their sound and chose to record at the “Hangar à sons” studio with Bertrand Charlet.For the visual aspect of the first album original support will be kept with the painter Hugues Creton who helped to produce the right creative in the form of a painting, where you can see the band on stage ready to play a concert in front of the devil and his demons and compliments the theme of their album.

The band have been on the road since the release of their first album and continue to do what they do best, which is to grace each stage, and live for rock’n’roll…!About the album…Rockin’Hell is the first electrical statement of OVERDRIVERS !Overflowing energy, a charismatic voice, were the bite of the solos linked to a concrete rythm section announces the authentic rock’n’roll of the band.

An album recommended by the Devil himself.

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