Vreid – Exclusive listening session of ‘Lifehunger’ at Beyond the Gates Festival


In cooperation with the Beyond the Gates festival in Norway, VREID  and Season of Mist will host an exclusive listening party for the band’s upcoming album, ‘Lifehunger’ on August 23, in the venue Garage in Bergen at 15:00 CET. The listening session is open for the public and press, entrance is free of charge.

Beyond the Gates will be held on August 23 – 25 and features performances of ENSLAVED, 1349, SATYRICON, GAAHLS WYRD and many more. For more information about the festival, please visit: www.beyondthegates.no.

On further news, the Norwegian black ‘n roll band has recently released a lyric video for the new track ‘Black Rites in the Black Nights’. The video can be watched below.


VREID – “Black Rites in the Black Nights”

VREID have previously revealed the artwork for ‘Lifehunger’, which can be viewed together with the album details below.



1. Flowers & Blood (1:50)

2. One Hundred Years (5:39)

3. Lifehunger (5:36)

4. The Dead White (4:59)

5. Hello Darkness (4:39)

6. Black Rites in the Black Nights (6:26)

7. Sokrates Must Die (3:29)

8. Heimatt (6:01)

Total playing time: 38:39

VREID have previously announced a string of Norwegian tour dates, together with ENSLAVED and GAAHLS WYRD. A full list of confirmed dates of the ‘Army of the North Star’ tour can be found below.


VREID+Enslaved +Gaahls Wyrd

03 Nov 18 Oslo (NO) Parkteateret

15 Nov 18 Hamar (NO) Gregers

23 Nov 18 Kristiansand (NO) Kick

24 Nov 18 Stavanger (NO) Folken

30 Nov 18 Bergen (NO) USF Verftet

01 Dec 18 Trondheim (NO) Byscenen


VREID were formed in 2004. The Norwegian metal brigade rose from the ashes of WINDIR after the tragic perishing of the “Sognametal” legends with the declared mission of exploring new musical paths. The Norsemen proved true to their words and have so far delivered 7 albums and one DVD, which each received high praise from critics and fans alike. VREID chose a course of constant evolution that is marked by thematically denoted phases regarding their often historically inspired lyrics. This became particularly clear with albums ‘I Krig’ (2007) and ‘Milorg’ (2009), which both revolved around concepts dealing with resistance and liberation of Norway during World War II. With their following three records, VREID returned to their Norse roots, especially on latest full-length, ‘Sólverv’ which received high critical acclaim in 2015. VREID have hammered out their success partly by being a heavily touring band. The four-piece performed more than 500 shows in 25 countries so far. Their everlasting march to conquer new territories has led the Norwegians to headline tours in Europe, North America, Japan, and India. VREID’s style is often referred to as black ‘n roll and Metal Hammer UK described their music as “a unique time travel in metal” as elements of 70’s rock, 80’s classic metal, and Norwegian black metal are all clearly audible. Now with eighth album ‘Lifehunger’, black ‘n roll is back! With eight brand new tracks, VREID are ready for the next chapter.



Sture: Vocals & guitars

Strom: Guitars

Steingrim: Drums

Hváll- Bass and keys

Guest Musician

Aðalbjörn ‘Addi’ Tryggvason (SÓLSTAFIR): vocals on “Hello Darkness”

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