VERWOED: Cvlt Nation premieres “De Val” album from mesmerizing Dutch black metal sect!


Highly acclaimed Dutch black metallers VERWOED recently announced their first full-length album, “De Val”, which will see release on 24th May.

Today the band partnered with Cvlt Nation to premiere the record in its entirety. Check it out HERE!

Recently the single “Verder Van Het Licht” was premiered via popular metal magazine Invisible Oranges. Check it out RIGHT HERE. The song features Ryanne van Dorst from highly acclaimed Dutch doom rockers DOOL.

The album track “De Kwelling van het Bestaan” was premiered exclusively via Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

In a fiery and intuitive attempt to come closer to the infinite nothingness inevitable after the palpable lives we live, 2014 saw the birth of Woudloper in Utrecht; at the heart of the Netherlands. After the release of a self titled demo and a change in shape, VERWOED was born and the “Bodemloos” EP saw the day of light in 2016 — an ode to mankind’s struggle for knowledge and truth in the mundane planes that we inhabit and finding revelation in the destruction of our flesh and hearts.

Three years later, after leaving destructive footprints on multiple cities in the form of live appearances, the first full-length, entitled “De Val”, recorded, mixed and mastered by JB van der Wal, will be released. A hymn to the fallen one, breaking free from all things familiar and safe in a seemingly never ending search for divine truth.

“De Val” is a collaborative effort by Argento Records (vinyl), Sentient Ruin Laboratories (vinyl) and Tartarus Records (cassette).


1. De Val
2. De Kwelling van het Bestaan
3. Vergif
4. het Bedriegende Oog
5. Verder Dan Het Licht

“Hailing from Utrecht, VERWOED is one of the most exciting bands to spearhead the New Wave of Dutch Black Metal, a new generation of musicians on the rise, and even developing a cult of their own. The band’s much acclaimed debut EP, ‘Bodemloos’, delves deep into paranoia and schizophrenia – Verwoed’s malicious, darkened feel offers a visceral ascension into full-blown psychosis. It serves as a hallucinogenic exploration through harrowing black metal, and dense, melodic ambience, which is both terrifying and soothing – catharsis through ugliness and utter beauty”.
Argento Records Bandcamp
Sentient Ruin Laboratories Bandcamp
Tartarus Records Bandcamp

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