USURPER – New Songstream ‘Warlock Moon’


Chicago’s USURPER have unleashed another song from their upcoming comeback album “Lords Of The Permafrost”!

“Warlock Moon” is now streaming at this location:

Mastermind Rick Scythe comments on the track:

“Warlock Moon is a speed metal anthem that balances unrelenting, maniacal, riffage with fist-banging, barbarian power – which made it the perfect choice for the opener to side B of our new album, “Lords of the Permafrost”. This song sounds like it could have been a lost track from our 1999 album, “Skeletal Season” – stripped-down, unpretentious, and 100% hard! Cram this molten slab of metal into your ear-holes, and prepare for a neck-breaking frenzy!”

“Warlock Moon” is the third single of USURPER’s sixth full-length which will be out on Soulseller Records on March 22nd, 2019.

Pre-Orders: (USA)


1. Skull Splitter

2. Beyond the Walls of Ice ( )

3. Lords of the Permafrost ( )

4. Cemetery Wolf

5. Warlock Moon

6. Gargoyle

7. Black Tide Rising

8. Mutants of the Iron Age /


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