USDM Squad CONTRARIAN Announce March Release of Willowtip Records Album ‘Their Worm Never Dies’

USDM Squad CONTRARIAN Announce March Release of Willowtip Records Album ‘Their Worm Never Dies’


U.S. progressive Death Metal squad CONTRARIAN will release new album Their Worm Never Dies, March 15, 2019 on Willowtip Records.

A new school of old school death metal. Creating death metal that is authentically new while have a natural memory and understanding of the old. Rooted in early 90’s progressive death metal, but with an unrelenting forward thinking approach, CONTRARIAN return with their third full-length release Their Worm Never Dies.

Spearheaded by guitar player Jim Tasikas, alongside George Kollias (Nile) simultaneously handling drum and vocal duties, CONTRARIAN is not a super group, but a unit of like-minded musicians that coincidentally converged on a vision of what a modern death metal band should sound like. Organic sounding, yet aggressive and melodically complex, Their Worm Never Dies is packed with snake-like Schuldinerian-style riffage and atmospheric variations that will provide a wholly enticing listen to all those willing to take in its eccentricity.

Track Listing

1. Vaskania (The Evil Eye

2. Exorcism3. My Curse

4. The Petition

5. Among The Misled

6. Their Worm Never Dies

7. Whomsoever Worships the Whiteworm

Album Credits

Jim Tasikas – Guitars

Brian Mason – Lead Guitars

Ed Paulsen – Bass

George Kollias – Drums/Vocals

Additional Backing Vocals by George Bokos

Recorded at Watchmen Studios, Lockport, NY USA and Burnt Orange Studiosm Brandenton, FL USA

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by George Bokos at Grindhouse Studios Athens, GR

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