Unborn Generation’s sixth album falls deeper into black

Unborn Generation’s sixth album falls deeper into black


Unborn Generation has released a new album today June 15th. ”Vøid” is a concept album about the main character’s seek of truth that leads him into the darkness, to the deep black abyss.

The album includes 30 minutes of grim and dirty Grind ’n’ Roll that grabs the listener with a tight grip.

“There might be few moments of relief on the way. But it sure ain’t a holiday trip to sunny Las Palmas” says the guitar player and vocalist Herkko.

”Vøid” is the first release with the new line-up and the album is released via Inverse Records.

Listen the album:



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Unborn Generation ”Vøid”

01. Shadow

02. Ritual

03. Preacher

04. King

05. Terminal

06. Trickster

07. Underground

08. Harbinger

09. Succubus

10. Diehard

11. Wrath

12. Daggers

13. Void

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