Two More Bands Added To the Bill for Nordic Noise 2018! 


We are proud to present the Swedish boogie-metal band TRANSPORT LEAGUE, who just released their new album “Twist and Shout at the Devil” produced by Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Grand Magus etc). The album received a impressive 8,5/10 review in Rock Hard (DE). The Danish band VOLBEAT calls TRANSPORT LEAGUE on of their main influences”We are excited to play in Copenhagen again, it has been just too long since last time, SO LET’S BOOGIE ALL THE WAY TO HELL!” says frontman Tony Julien Jelencovich.


The second new band on the Nordic Noise bill is TAINTED LADY from Denmark, who released their highly praised debut album “How The mighty Have Fallen” in May this year. An album that received 9/10 from Metalized and an amazing 10/10 from and has been played heavily on National Radio P4 and myROCK.


So far the following bands are confirmed for Nordic Noise 2018:

VAMPIRE (Sweden)




10-12 more bands will follow and the bookings are still open!


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About Nordic Noise (est. 2013)

2017 was the 5th year anniversary of Nordic Noise and the biggest succes of the festival so far. Over 1000 guests attended and the reactions from both audience, artists and media have been overwhelming. The A 2-day rock/metal festival with 16 bands includded Denner/Shermann (DK/US/SE), Tygers Of Pan Tang (UK), Artillery (DK), Sea (DK), Bullet (SE), The Amorettes (SCO) & Franklin Zoo (DK) on the bill.

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