TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT: Mutoid Man and Contessa Stuto Fuse Rap and Metal with a Gnarly SLAYER Mashup in Episode 2

TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT Reigns in More Shenanigans During Episode 2

Second episode features CUNTMAFIA rapper Contessa Stuto, a short film by Jess Lane, Oscar-nominated keyboardist Emily Lee, Mutoid Man & more


The world’s only heavy metal-themed late night talk show, TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT, is proud to announce the second episode of its debut season is now available for streaming via YouTube.

This month’s guest is NYC personality and musician Contessa Stuto of CUNTMAFIA, a collective of artists within the LGBTQ+ and NYC underground. Along with house band MUTOID MAN, she performs her rap song “Reign in Ratchet,” which brilliantly samples everyone’s favorite Slayer song.Segments include the short film, Posuer Cops, directed by Jess Lane, and a meeting with H.R. Ginger (Jess Lane), who forces a reluctant Gwarsenio into hiring his little brother, Cannibal Corey (Lacey Jeka) as an intern to the show. The official cologne of TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT, created by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, also makes its introduction.

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Imagine Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Gorburger Show, and The Chris Gethard Show all thrown together with a little bit of insanity and corpse paint. Filmed live at Brooklyn’s St. Vitus and hosted by Gwarsenio Hall (Jordan Olds), TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT is a self-produced web series making the best metal-themed talk show episodes, sketches and cover videos for the various black t-shirt afficianados of YouTube-land since 2015. With eight full episodes planned for Season 1, the web series will debut a new episode each month. Check out the wacky Season 1 Premiere and the show’s cover of Berlin’s nu-wave classic “Take My Breath Away” with Mutoid Man, Emily Lee and Walter Schreifels AT THIS LOCATION.

Created by Mrs. Woman Productions (Jordan Olds and Drew Kaufman), the comedic duo are committed to filming a full season of eight brand new episodes, which will feature a number of guests which have included guitarist Ben Weinman (The Dillinger Escape Plan), singer/songwriter Laura Stevenson (ex-Bomb The Music Industry!), and rapper/actor Ice-T among others thus far.

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“Everyone whom is a part of this project has wanted nothing more than to keep making more episodes of Two Minutes to Late Night until we physically are unable to,” says co-creator Drew Kaufman. “Luckily, Jordan Olds (co-creator Gwarsenio Hall) is an insane person and figured out a way to make shooting the show more like filming a play. We’ve received an amazing response from our fans on Patreon and our incredible crew and producers which made us realize––fuck it––Let’s shoot eight more episodes all on our own without help from any network or content producer or brand.

“We’ve got some Patreon money and some really cool sponsors (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is about to give us our own signature TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT cologne!), but the show is still as D.I.Y. as you can get other than doing a puppet show in your mom’s bedroom. And it shows. The new episodes we have sitting on our hard drives have some of the craziest musical performances I have ever seen in my life.”

Cast and Crew:

TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT, the world’s only heavy metal-themed talk show, is created by Jordan Olds and Drew Kaufman, two comedians with a love of music and guerrilla filmmaking. Olds plays host Gwarsenio Hall and edits the show, as well as composing all parody songs. A former Victory Records music video director, he’s also worked as an editor for VICE and Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Kaufman directs the show, as well as playing Kevin the Sound Guy. A former editor of the satirical punk news website The Hard Times, he’s also written for VICE, Comedy Central, Funny or Die and Above Average. In addition, Kaufman has directed commercials for comedian Nick Offerman and videos featuring Chris Gethard, Jeff Rosenstock, Kyle Kinane, and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Other credits include:

Produced by Desiree Akyurek

Written by Jess Lane, Jeremy Hammond, Jordan Olds, and Drew Kaufman

Original Music by Jordan Olds

Directed and Edited by Drew Kaufman

Special thanks to George Souleidis and Saint Vitus for letting TMTLN film!





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