TURBOKILL: New Band with ex-Alpha Tiger Singer Releasing New Lyric Video


For a long while, it has been quiet around the former Alpha Tiger singer Stephan Dietrich. But in this long time of withdrawing, the foundation of a new Heavy Metal monster has been laid. Through the song cooperation of „Nightfall“ from the band Ebony Wall, in which Stephan acted as guest singer, the idea of a new band was built. And the chemistry was right! Starting in fall of 2016, first demo songs came together with guitarist Ronny Schuster and drummer Philipp „Nafta“ Dießl. The line-up was completed with lead-guitarist Daniel Kanzler and bassist Marco „Fox“ Grünwald in summer of 2017 and TURBOKILL was born. Inspired by the spirit of the 80’s Metal classics, the band is presenting itself full of power and with a modern sound. With forceful songs and an energetic show, the band has set out to conquer the world with its first and self-titled song „Turbokill“. And this one knows only one direction – FORWARD! In spring of 2018, you can look forward to an EP with 4 forceful tracks!

“Turbokill”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKdw8I3puZw



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