Trigger unleasing two new music videos

Have you ever been warned to not feed a cannibal? Trigger, a female fronted metal band from Serbia think you should be! Trigger may be a new name for the international metal and hard rock listeners, but they have been active for a decade in their regional market, releasing three critically acclaimed albums in the native language, earning awards, and playing live for thousands of fans. Now they are aiming at expanding the fan base by adopting English language and setting their sights on the international market.

“Pray” and “Don’t Feed the Cannibals” are the first two videos to check out. In the meantime, Trigger are putting the finishing touches on their English debut.

“We have grown up and lived through the crumbling society, civil war, breakdown of social values, surrounded by people in poverty and pain. Inevitably, it left the mark on all of us. Balkan may look calm now, on the surface, but the past is ingrained in how people feel and think on a subconscious level. It is only logical that our songs always explore dark parts of human nature.” – says Milena, Trigger frontwoman. “Our guitar player, Dusan, has always invested a lot of energy to come up with meaningful, poetic lyrics, and we’ve paid a lot of attention that message is not lost when I sing in English. Musically we have all kind of influences, from classic metal to gothic rock and old school prog. We try not to obsess about having a certain genre. Our last album “Vreme Cuda” had short, up to the point songs, but there was also the nine minute epic closing the album. That is what people should be also expecting from us in the future. Raw song is always the most important for us, not the “package”: to tell a story, communicate with lyrics and melody, share our love for the music with the audience.”

You can listen to Trigger new songs on the following links:

“Pray” Music Video

“Don’t Feed the Cannibals” music video

You can learn more about Trigger by going here:

Band Members:

Milena Branković – vocals
Petar Popović – bass
Zoran Jović – drums
Božidar Mladenović – guitar
Dušan Svilokos Đurić – guitar

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