Transport League goes full speed in new “1200 Goddamned” video

Transport League goes full speed with “1200 Goddamned” video


“1200 Goddamned” is the second single from Swedish high octane rock band TRANSPORT LEAGUE taken from the upcoming album “A Million Volt Scream”, out Autumn 2019 on Mighty Music. “The lyrics handles the everyday pulse of life. A fast lane living, the bad decisions, a struggle for understanding, a forever moving motor. You need to brace yourself to survive and just bite the bullet”, says frontman Tony Julien Jelencovich.

Talking of inspiration, “A Million Volt Scream” is a return to our own roots and mixes them with influences that had already surfaced on our two previous releases “Boogie From Hell” and “Twist And Shout At The Devil”.

“A Million Volt Scream” was produced at Oral Majority Recordings and at the Top Floor studios under the direction of Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Entombed AD, Raised Fist, Sonic Syndicate, Mustasch, Hardcore Superstar etc), who also mixed the album.


“1200 Goddamed”, the official video, has premiered in our official media partners Sweden Rock Magazine, Rock Hard (DE), Brave Words (CAN), Rock Hard Greece, United Rock Nations (FR), Rock Hard Italy, Whiplash (BR) and (DK) and can be seen below.


TRANSPORT LEAGUE “1200 Goddamned” official video

It doubtlessly takes a lot of mental strength to stay on your chosen path, despite all the imponderables that the music industry entails. Transport League from Sweden is a prime example of determination and perseverance. As the critics’ faves, they have been praised to the skies, as a down-to-earth band they’ve always remained in tune with the times and close to their fans, while their rhythmic, powerful and stylistically diverse heavy metal has left an impressive mark on the international hard’n’heavy scene.

Spawn in 1994, the Swedish band soon made put a flag in the scene with the debut album “Stallion Showcase” and paved the way for one of the most solid careers in the European metal scene. Two and a half decades and half dozen albums later, the collective is back with a new record, but the same boogie, but not exclusively that. Transport League appear to have opened Pandora’s metal box with intent and are now busy blazing their trail through all those strong ideas that they have unleashed. “Of course there’s boogie again, but also doom and hardcore, fast songs and hard riffs,” vocalist/guitarist Tony Jelencovich describe the new album. “Our sound may have changed a few times, but not the band’s raw power and our penchant for strong grooves”. The three longstanding band members Tony Jelencovich, Peter Hunyadi (guitar) and Mattias Starander (drums) recorded the album together with bassist Dennis Österdal.

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