Torture Squad: “Aequilibrium” re-released through Shinigami Records

Torture Squad:  “Aequilibrium” re-released through Shinigami Records


Aequilibrium”, the sixth full-length by Torture Squad, has just been officially re-released by “Shinigame Records,both in the original format and in a digipak of the highest quality, with an exclusive bonus hand-picked by the own band.

The record was originally released in Europe on August 2010, via Wacken Records, after their performance in 2008 on the world’s biggest Heavy Metal festival, Wacken Open Air, which also led to another appearance on the same festival in 2011.

Songs that are considered to be absolute classics from Torture Squad’s career are present in this iconic record that is a part of the history of Brazilian Metal. What fan wouldn’t recognise songs like “Raise Your Horns” or “Generation Dead”? Songs that are always a part of the band’s live sets.


The album is already available for purchase on Shinigami Records’ online store:

Stay tuned, for these are not the only news from Torture Squad. Very soon, the classic “Hellbound” (2007) will also be re-released on physical format through Shinigami Records.


01 – Generation Dead

02 – Raise Your Horns

03 – Holiday in Abu Ghraib

04 – 174

05 – Storms

06 – Azazel

07 – Black Sun

08 – The Spirit Never Dies

09 – Last Tune Blues

10 – The Unholy Spell (bônus)

Lineup that recorded the album:

Vitor Rodrigues – Vocals

Augusto Lopes – Guitars

Castor – Bass

Amilcar Christófaro – Drums

Current lineup:

May “Undead” Puertas – Vocals

Rene Simionato – Guitars

Castor – Bass

Amilcar Christófaro – Drums

More information:

Official Website:



Roadie Metal Press:

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