The enigmatic & nightmarish Vanhelga are back!


“Positive Music For Positive People”

The enigmatic & nightmarish Vanhelga are back!

Composed while 145188 was forced to stay in a psychiatric hospital under the Swedish Law known as LPT, ‘Lagen om Psykiatrisk Tvångsvård’ (enforced/compulsory psychiatric care), this INFAMOUS & OBSCURE Vanhelga release will be available as DIGIPAK. This release portrays drug withdrawals combined with psychosis and mental health problems.

All songs remastered with new artwork to shine even more darkness unto an already raw and emotionally honest experience of pure suffering from the horrors of spending time in the dark corridors of a psychiatric hospital.

“LPT (Remastered)” will be out in October 31st via War Against Yourself.


Limited to ONLY 300 copies WORLDWIDE.


1. Dag 1
2. Dag 2
3. Dag 3
4. LPT
5. Descending into darkness
6. Drömlik eufori (unreleased from ‘Längtan’)


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