THE WARLOCKS Get Mean On Their Experimental New Album MEAN MACHINE MUSIC!


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L.A. Neo-Psych Gods THE WARLOCKS Get Mean On Their Experimental New Album MEAN MACHINE MUSIC!

One of the most celebrated and longest running indie L.A. bands, The Warlocks, have made a habit of defying audience expectations. Founder and leader Bobby Hecksher seems to take a perverse amount of pleasure in zigging when everyone else expects him to zag. It’s one of the many reasons why this band continues to not just maintain a devout following but to grow their audience with each new release over the last 18+ years of their existence. Now, Hecksher and his mates have come out with a spellbinding trip of an album, uniquely structured with 5 original compositions followed by 4 instrumental reprises that take those songs into uncharted territory. Inspired by everything from Stereolab to Krautrock to Death Rock and engineered by Phillip Haut (Ariel Pink, Centimeters) this album is sure to get expand the group’s reach while still pleasing their cult devotees. Or as Hecksher puts it “I’ve always been proud the fact that for the most part we can try new things and get something out of it. We got shit for doing Doo-Wop type stuff which ended up on Surgery. We got shit for the discombobulated Heavy Deavy Skull Lover. Looking back that stuff still stands up! You choose and judge for yourself, dear listener!”

The Warlocks will be setting off on a 4-week tour of Europe starting in August!

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Track List:

1. Mean Machine
2. Disfigured Figure
3. You Destroy
4. It’s Hopeless
5. Tribute To Hawkwind
6. Mean Machine (Reprise)
7. Disfigured Figure (Reprise)
8. You Destroy (Reprise)
9. It’s Hopeless (Reprise)

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