THE LAST OF LUCY: Tech-Death/Mathcore Unit Launch “Agarttha”



Based in Orange County/Los Angeles, California, The Last Of Lucy are back with a new offering of chaotic and memorable technical death metal on their upcoming full-length, Ashvattha. Which is set for release on November 17th.

The Last Of Lucy has been active since 2007 and incorporates various elements of Grind, Jazz, Ambient, & Classical music into their own unique style of tech-death.  Today the band partnered with ItDjents to launch the albums first single, “Agarttha”.  You can check out “Agarttha” HERE

It Djents had this to say about today’s “Agarttha” premiere: “As if The Last Of Lucy’s name was not unconventional enough, their approach to tech-death is sufficiently bewildering and aleatory to justify their stylistic self-identification as mathcore. One could count at least eight riffs in the first 30 seconds of “Agarttha” and still possibly come up short. That segment uses a basic tech-death common-time riff that gets interrupted every few measures by something else – an arpeggio, another riff, a blast beat section – in a (sometimes) different time signature that lasts only one measure. A most suitable concept to show how The Last Of Lucy can use the simplest riffs to hold a groove while still noodling away, making the groove not sound like a groove at all.”

The Last Of Lucy promised jazz, stating that ‘there are lots of sax spots on the new album given their own sections‘. There are also ‘ambient electronic elements’ announced for the upcoming Ashvattha album, so “Agarttha” might be one of the album’s more normal moments; something scary to imagine, yet something to look forward to.”

*Stay tuned for more The Last of Lucy news, early singles, pre-orders, and early reviewers promos launching soon in the coming weeks.

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