The end of the Power Of Webzine

Esteemed readers, labels, PR agencies, distributions companies and bands,

After long and hard considerations, the editorial team of The Power Of have decided to close the site as per today, the 1st of September, 2019. The post you are reading right now will be the last post from the site.

The reason for the termination of The Power Of, which was founded in 2003 and has been run as an independent, non-commercial and entirely hobby based site since then, is a reprioritisation of sparetime/familiy time for the driving forces behind the site. It is therefore deemed unlikely that we would be able to maintain the high level of output we are used to.

The site, including the Facebook and Instagram accounts, will be online and available for reference for at least 9-10 months. Whether it will be available for a longer time still remains to be decided. Please bear in mind that our email accounts will be closed very soon.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all bands, labels, distros and PR agencies for the collaboration throughout the years. More importantly, a huge thank you to you, the readers, the thousands of metal fans from around the world who have visited our site, commented, shared, etc. The metal movement is, as Pantera put it, stronger than all.

We hope, we believe, we have made at least a small difference in the world of metal.

Stay METAL – cheers

The Power Of staff

Thomas Nielsen
About Thomas Nielsen 1345 Articles
When my old buddy Kenn Jensen asked me if I wanted to contribute to the new site he had created, then called, I didn't hesitate. My love for metal music was and is great. I wrote my first review during the summer of 2004 (Moonspell's 'Antidote' album). In 2015, I took over the editor-in-chief role.

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