THE DAWN RAZOR – New album “Renaissances”, out on March  9th !



After taking out a record and touring in Russia with a previous band he left, Sylvain (guitar / vocals) founded The Dawn Razor 2017. The style called ‘sublime metal’ is a mix of death and black inspirations.

Each piece can be viewed as a painting of a hostile universe depicted by violent riffs, an upright voice and lyrical solos. To simplify, we can describe this music as the meeting between children of bodom and gojira.

synopsis album : The sublime metal band The Dawn Razor gets off the ground with his debut album Renaissances.

Inspired by the sublime movement, this disc is a collection paintings that project us into hostile universes so icy, sometimes very dark even futuristic …

Explosive mixture of death and black inspiration, ‘Renaissances’ is an association violence and soli lyrical. To push the immersion even further, a song is in German and another is even in Russian! A trip to the edge of the horizon à do not miss!

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