THE BLACK SORCERY: Toilet Ov Hell Streaming A New Track From The Impending Debut Album


Canadian bestial black death ensemble THE BLACK SORCERY will unleash their debut album  “And The Beast Spake Death From Above” at the end of the this month via Krucyator Productions (on tape and digitally) and Hammer of Damnation (on CD). Toilet ov Hell is streaming the seventh track “Incursion” AT THIS LOCATION

Lörd Matzigkeitus (Vocals) states:

““Incursion” is the cold vacuum of distance and separation locked inside the mind of a Zarathustrian misanthrope, that all human contact be taken as an incursion or affront to the sanctity of one’s inner silence. This spell features an incendiary axe solo gutted from the hell of Ghast’s manic fingers”


THE BLACK SORCERY is a savage, despotic wall of bestial black/death hellfire crafted from the frozen tundra of Canada. Despite being a recently formed force, the members associated with THE BLACK SORCERY are no strangers to each other, and most importantly, not a newcomer in the underworld of ravaging extreme metal.

Sharing members from The Projectionist, Path to Extinction, Albanach ar Dheis, Diabolus Amator, and Thy Sepulchral Moon, the troop aims to deliver terrorizing sonic experience that is frost veined and furiously tempting at the same time.

While carrying the cursed torch of ultra-violent black/death metal (AKA war metal), THE BLACK SORCERY does not necessarily mimeograph the exact same artefacts spawned by the overlords of this subgenre; unlike the other vocalists of this subgenre who attempt to offer cavernous, filthy death metal vocals, THE BLACK SORCERY walks in a slightly different pathway by offering glass shattering, piercing, ghastly black metal rooted vocals. Hence, they genuinely ignite the ravishing inferno to sweep away the flawed piousness and lay the foundation of their own malignant injunction.

“And The Beast Spake Death From Above”, the debut offering from THE BLACK SORCERY, to be out on tape (and digital) format through Krucyator Productions and on CD through Hammer of Damnation on May 29, 2018.

PRE-ORDER: (Bandcamp) (Webstore) (Digital)



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