THE ARTISAN ERA Release Ten Song 2017 Label Sampler, The Euphonic Collection Vol. I


Up and coming extreme metal label The Artisan Era began with humble beginnings, as a way for label owners Malcolm Pugh and Mike Low to put out releases by their own projects such as Inferi, A Loathing Requiem, Oubliette, and Graveslayer. Starting in late 2016, the label started gathering steam with a flurry of signings followed by the 2017 release of ambitious albums from newcomers Virulent Depravity (Colin Butler, Malcolm Pugh & Svart Crown drummer Kevin Paradis) and instrumental progressive death metal outfit Dark Matter Secret. Followed by the labels recent release of critically acclaimed new albums from well-known scene veterans Enfold Darkness and Inanimate Existence.

After such a strong year, The Artisan Era is proud to release an extended free label sampler showcasing all that they have to offer on The Euphonic Collection Vol. I. Including early songs from releases to come out next year through the label from recent New Zealand signees Order of Diptera and also Equipoise.

You can check out The Euphonic Collection Vol. I HERE

The Euphonic Collection Vol. I Track List

1. A Loathing Requiem – Withered on the Vine

2. Equipoise – Sigil Insidious

3. Dark Matter Secret – Emergence of Time

4. Virulent Depravity – Your Demise

5. Order of Diptera – Light and Rot

6. GraveSlayer – Hyper Alloy

7. Oubliette – Solitude

8. Inanimate Existence – Blood of the Beggar

9. Enfold Darkness – Banishment

10. Inferi – Onslaught of the Covenant

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