TETHRA Hit Hard With ‘Like Crows For The Earth’



TETHRA Hit Hard With ‘Like Crows For The Earth’

TETHRA’s upcoming full-length “Like Crows for the Earth” (released on February 11th 2017 via Sliptrick Records) reveals how much the band has evolved sonically. Elements such as acoustic breaks, striking solos and Doom-influenced melodies mixed with charismatic vocals courtesy of the versatile frontman Clode.

Blending gloomy Doom metal, raging Death metal and melodic early 90’s Gothic metal tinged vocals, Tethra will be the last nail on your cross!

The album was recorded and mixed by Matt Stancioiu (Ex Labyrinth) at Elnor Studios and mastered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) at Priory Studios.

The Cover Artwork was made by the visionary Italian artist Marco Castagnetto (Zenpunk).




Like Crows For The Earth
1- Resilience (Intro) | 2- Transcending Thanatos | 3- Prelude to Sadness (Instrumental) | 4- Springtime Melancholy | 5- Deserted | 6- Subterranean (Interlude) | 7- The Groundfeeder | 8- Entropy (Instrumental) | 9- Synchronicity of Life and Decay | 10- Earthless | 11- Like Crows for the Earth

Tethra are:
Clode Tethra [Vocals] | Luca Mellana [Guitar] | Gabriele Monti [Guitar] | Lorenzo Giudici [Drums] | Salvatore Duca [Bass]

Band pages: Facebook | Youtube



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