Swedish Sludge/Post-Metal band Gloson has now joined Black Lion Records! 

We’re happy to welcome Swedish Sludge/Post-Metal band Gloson whom have now joined Black Lion Records! To celebrate this fact, we now have their first full-length album “Grimen” in our catalogue both on CD and Digital.


Gloson is no strangers to the Metal community. After the highly well-received debut EP “Yearwalker”, the band has continued to win audiences over with their first full-length album “Grimen” which was released early last year. Now in 2018 after further live appearances and compositions, Gloson is ready to take a new step into the world, now with Black Lion.


Gloson – Grimen (2017)

01 Prowler

02 Fabulist

03 Antlers

04 Cringe

05 Specter

06 Embodiment



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when a band comes along, seemingly out of nowhere, with a debut album so good you struggle to grasp how they’ve actually managed it? Because that’s exactly what Swedish Post-Sludgebringers Gloson have done.”- No Clean Singing

“From its excellent pacing to its subtle use of varied instruments, it’s a breathtaking achievement for a band that’s just getting started.”- The Sludgelord

“Progressive, atmospheric, hammering—a few words to describe the debut of these patient Swedes, a band who have managed to successfully decode the finicky sludge-doom Enigma machine.”- The Metal Observer

Interested to find out more? Make sure to follow Gloson on your preferred platform and stay tuned for our first collaboration!

Official Websites:




Official Store:https://gloson.bandcamp.com

Official Videos:


Gloson – Cringe (Official Live Video)


Gloson – Antlers (Official Live Video)

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