Suffocation Of Soul: Follow the ‘tour report’ of the ‘Macabre Sentence European Tour 2018’


In a countdown to the “Macabre Sentence European Tour 2018”, the Thrash Metal band SUFFOCATION OF SOUL will be daily connected to world, making full coverage of travel between countries, shows and equipment, reception of metalheads, and all the logistics that surround them, all aimed at showing a little more of the day to day of an underground tour in Europe.

For this, the band will be presenting lives, stories, photos and videos daily in the official pages of Instagram and Facebook. To follow them, simply access the official profile of the group in social networks, follow them and you will be inside everything that will happen in these 18 days of road.


In another news, SUFFOCATION OF SOUL confirms that for this second passage through the Old Continent, will be going like a power trio, because for problems personal order the guitarist Mauricio will not be able to follow the group, once the band was already presenting itself thus, and the formula has worked, with this, the formation is with André (bass and vocals), Tarcísio (guitar) and Marlon (drums).

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